The Jazz Scene (Verve reissue).

The Jazz Scene (Verve)

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Starting the day off with another one of Verve’s 1990s extravaganzas and Norman Granz’ 1949 lovechild, “The Jazz Scene” (Verve 2-CD reissue, with massive booklet, mirroring the 1949 original).

Announced 9 months before its release around Christmas of 1949, it came with a lot of PR brouhaha, “The most important album you’ll ever hear”, etc.

The original was a lavish production with six 12-inch 78-rpm records and 32 12×12 inch photos of top jazz stars taken by Life photographer Gjon Milli.

This one certainly set a precedent for special luxury editions and future boxed sets.

It also, most importantly, includes some great jazz by many of the jazz greats (see tags).

So, here’s my start into a day that promises to be sunny and warm.


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