Sonny Rollins. The Complete Prestige Recordings (boxed set).

Sonny Rollins – The Complete Prestige Recordings

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Because @redllyons_music asked, this is the 7-CD “Sonny Rollins – The Complete Prestige Recordings” set, which originally came in those “fatboy” jewelcases.

I could easily get the 7CDs neatly into 2 sleeves.

Notice though that I didn’t need space for a booklet. Had a fat one be included, I might have needed another sleeve.

P. S.: I have lots of boxed sets that usually consisted of 2 or more “fatboy” multiple-CD cases plus a booklet the same size of the jewelcases. All of that was then housed in some sort of cardboard slipcase or a sturdy box which was open on one side to reveal the spines. Those booklets do not fit into the sleeves. I just put them on the shelf as the first part of the boxed set, followed by the rest. Much easier to get to as well.


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