The SlimDisc system (demonstration).

Slimdisc Sleeves – Demonstration

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Now that I have some jewelcases in the house again, and before I trash them in a few minutes, I just wanted to show the obsessive collectors among you how much space you can save by using a CD sleeve system.

Yes, things get a little more inconvenient because you cannot read the spines, but because I kept digipaks and many boxed sets around (whose spines are, of course, easy to see and read), I have an equally easy time browsing my collection, which I know well and which I have added labeled dividers to where necessary.

As an added bonus, this system gives you an analogue / LP-like feel.


I ❤️ this system, a system that has made it possible for me to keep each and every CD (even the clunkers) in the course of two consecutive moves.

My system, and there are many alternatives around, is sold by and after I have used it for about 1 1/2 years, going on two, I give it the highest possible recommendation.

For my use case scenario, it is absolutely perfect in every way, sturdy, durable and as perfect today as when the first shipment reached me.

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