Main CD wall.


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So far, I have “mirrored” my Instagram posts down to a “t”, this time I’ll vary one single one a bit.

Last weekend, in a work phase that was tumultuous, to say the least, I decided to take 26 hours off from work and spend that time, zen-like, on setting up as much of my music as I could fit into 23 white IKEA “Gnedby” shelves at my new place (Gnedby shelves, whose full storage potential I am not using in order to have easier access and an easier time cleaning the whole thing).

Because I had to move twice these past 12 months, setting everything up again wasn’t easy, especially because I had downsized my collection to 7 shelves less in the previous apartment. Now that I have more space, I visited a friend of mine who was/is storing a large chunk of my belongings in his huge attic, sorted out a myriad of boxes and returned with many of those that contained the (empty) boxed sets, (unused) digipaks, (stored-away) slipcases and other assorted items.

I thought I would be able to fit a lot of the cubed boxed sets into my additional shelves, but once I replaced the CD sleeves with the digipaks from storage, it quickly became clear that I would only be able to add some boxed sets as decoration … most of the others would have to be relegated to the basement (which they were).

I had to rearrange more than 10.000 CDs three times, simply because a) I didn’t like the look and b) noticed that thing17s didn’t fit the way I wanted them to fit, but now I am done.

The photos below give you a quick impression of how things will look for the foreseeable future, and only the purchase of massive new sets might/will have an influence on the layout.

So, here we are …

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