Ed Thigpen. Paris Jazz Concerts (boxed set).

Ed Thigpen – Paris Jazz Concerts

This one is for Ken Kuan, @kienkuan, who managed to complete his Oscar Peterson London House collection (on LP)! Instead of mirroring what he was spinning by listening to my Verve 5-CD reissue of said wonderful live recordings, I thought I’d hold this (rather rare) boxed […]

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Ed Motta.

Ed Motta Day

Most of you probably don’t even know this guy, but I’ve been enjoying an Ed Motta evening (Brazil) over here. He’s been criticized for being a copy cat (Steely Dan, West Coast, AOR) and unoriginal, but he’s also been nominated for a slew of prizes […]

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Vive la France.

Vive La France!

Summer is coming and I had to stock up on some wines because people come to my place not to meet me, but for the music and to drink my wine. I liked these two French wines last year, so I ordered the most recent […]

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Alfred Wecklein (snaps).

Alfred Wecklein

I found these in a moving box the other day, with a few drops left, and I liked their “vintage” look. I remember when I got three different ones about 15 years ago, as a present. They were actually quite good. 🥂

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Frank Sinatra. The Capitol Years (boxed set).

Frank Sinatra – The Capitol Years

On a side note: A bit difficult to recreate without jewelcases, but these are the outer spines of the 21 CDs that make up “Frank Sinatra – The Capitol Years”, which was released by Capitol/EMI in 1998. Another favorite. https://www.discogs.com/Frank-Sinatra-The-Capitol-Years/release/6010672

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The Police. Message in a Box (original longbox release).

The Police – Message in a Box

Again, the sound could have been better, but it was the easiest way – at the time – to double up on all of the Police material digitally. One of the few box sets onto which they actually dared to print a limitation number. Mine […]

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Steely Dan. Citizen (1972-1980)

Steely Dan – Citizen (1972-1980)

Continuing yesterday’s “theme”, here is the next boxed set I bought. At the time, I only had “Gaucho” (still my favorite Steely Dan album, sorry guys & gals) and simply wanted the rest. “Citizen Steely Dan 1972-1980” is still one of my most played box […]

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