Oscar Peterson Trio. Live Recordings 1952-1958 (boxed set).

Oscar Peterson Trio – Live Recordings (1952-1958)

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Because this turned into a day spent with Oscar Peterson live recordings, here’s another small 4-CD box.

It’s an oddity (and a very cheap one, which you can still buy directly from the French Coda label for 19 Euro!) which, in 2019, reassembled some known (and not so well-known) live concerts performed by the (drumless) Oscar Peterson Trio(s) in chronological order.

You can see a list of the concerts in the second photo and as someone who knows Oscar Peterson’s discography, you can quickly see that most of these had already been released separately (most of those separate reissues I already had as well).

But if you want to get more bang for your buck, here they all are from an independent label, which, I believe, took advantage of EU copyright laws when they assembled it for, again, 19 Euro (current price) only!

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