Ed Thigpen. Paris Jazz Concerts (boxed set).

Ed Thigpen – Paris Jazz Concerts

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This one is for Ken Kuan, @kienkuan, who managed to complete his Oscar Peterson London House collection (on LP)! Instead of mirroring what he was spinning by listening to my Verve 5-CD reissue of said wonderful live recordings, I thought I’d hold this (rather rare) boxed set under his nose, just to see if he will bite.

This one, “Paris Jazz Concerts” (alternatively known as “En Concert Avec Europe 1”) pulls together all of the concert performances given for Europe 1 (radio station) between 1957 & 1959 in Paris, with Peterson performing in Trio, Quartet & Sextet formats with Roy Eldridge, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Clark Terry, Ed Thigpen & more.

Complete with a fifty two page English text illustrated booklet, each CD comes with its own picture sleeve & all nestle nicely in a sturdy outer slipcase box. .

Mine’s signed by my former drum teacher, of course, Ed Thigpen.

Next to the London House sessions, these are my favorite Oscar Peterson live recordings (the sound is mostly good, but, just like the London House sessions, certainly not exceptional) because you can clearly hear how his arrangement approach changed over the course of a few years.

The Peterson-Brown-Thigpen version of the trio has always been my favorite (others prefer Oscar’s – mostly earlier – drumless trios) and on these 6 CDs, 5 of the concerts showcase exactly this trio, once supplemented by Roy Eldridge and once by Clark Terry.

Beg, steal or borrow.

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