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Just in case I should leave Instagram at some point, I am doubling-up on my posts over here. Just to be on the safe side.

Tempo eC1B.


Everything arrived at once today, furniture, electronics and other stuff. I quickly needed a “small” CD-player and found one in China (via France, to save on customs fees). This is the Shanling Tempo eC1B, which got good reviews from people I trust. Testing won’t happen […]

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IKEA Sammanhang table.

New Table

Added a new table to the music corner. Cheap, but nice and useful. 😎 P.S.: Yes, I know, it’s IKEA (“Sammanhang“), but it is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. In my life, that has often been the […]

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Waste of space ...

Waste of Space

This is why I started downsizing my collection. And that’s not even every box from the last couple of months. In preparation for getting many moving boxes of digipaks, boxed sets and odd packaging back from storage, I’m trying to get reacquainted with the sheer […]

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I have a colleague who, whenever he enters my place, as he did today, runs straight to one of my vitrines and breathes a sigh of relief: “They are still here.” He’s told me a thousand times that of all the things I own, he […]

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