13th graders …

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I just spent a wonderful – and long – evening with my 13th-grade higher level Social Studies students, enjoying a number of decent drinks and nice conversations.

This post here is for those students – and especially M., who obviously wanted to dance when nobody else really felt like it.





These covers depict Germany’s best (dancehall) band, whose spectacular run of excellent albums stirred up Germany, most of Europe and my life, significantly.

If you have never listened to Seeed (3e), you really missed out. Thunderous and/or bubbly bass lines, rock-steady and invigorating grooves, great band, great music … just great. Give them a listen!

They have a YouTube channel with a quarter million subscribers: If that doesn’t get your body moving, nothing will (and if that happens, you are, in fact, dead).


P.S.: The last two covers are solo albums by Peter Fox (one of the three Seeed front men),both of which are very close to the Seeed sound and groove like mad.

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