Creating more space (IKEA, Gnedby shelves).

More Space!

By decreasing the space between shelf boards, I gained space for approximately 250 CDs or 5 boxed sets. In 10 minutes. And I didn’t even have to move the CDs off the shelves. Because IKEA’s Gnedby shelf can hold 12 rows of CDs instead of […]

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Boston Symphony Orchestra & Decca "Piano Edition".


Although I said I wouldn’t add much to my collection anytime soon, it took exactly 5 days for the next two boxed sets to show up on my doorstep. For well below 1€ per CD, these offers were too good to pass up, so, I […]

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Congratulations (2019)!


Celebrating my students (all of whom did well or very well on the oral exams they had in my subjects) with a heavy dose of early Stax/Volt singles (1959-1968) + a good glass or two of the bubbly stuff. The three complete Stax/Volt boxed sets […]

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Main CD wall.


So far, I have “mirrored” my Instagram posts down to a “t”, this time I’ll vary one single one a bit. Last weekend, in a work phase that was tumultuous, to say the least, I decided to take 26 hours off from work and spend […]

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Richard Pryor. ... And It's Deep Too!

Richard Pryor

While reorganizing 23 shelves, I’ve been listening to tons of great music, but these last couple of hours, I’ve been listening to “… And It’s Deep Too!”. Without Richard Pryor, stand-up comedy as we have known it since the 1970s and 1980s would not have […]

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Serious work.

Serious Work!

This is turning into serious work. I’m 16 hours in and about 70% are done. As I expected (and so did Dave K. who knew there wouldn’t be any breathing space … see last post), 80% of the boxes don’t fit, especially because I had […]

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I Love Music!

I Love Music!

The crazy ideas you get when you have a voucher you don’t know what to with and which is just about to run out. The black lids still haven’t arrived. If there’s space in the end, these will go into the shelf to create some […]

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The Return of the Boxed Sets. (01)

Good Grief!

Good grief. This weekend I transported about 60% of the boxed sets (none of the LP-sized and similar ones, and none of the hundreds of digipaks) back from storage. Do you now understand why I downsized? It’ll take me weeks to decide which ones I […]

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Jimmy Haslip. Arc. GRP, 1993.

Jimmy Haslip – Arc

Some fusion music today, which I have plenty of … but hardly ever listen to. I got tired of it many years ago and have only had short bursts of rekindled interest. Like today … Jimmy Haslip. Arc. GRP, 1993.

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Tord Gustavsen Trio. Changing Places. 2003.

Changing Places

One of my (very few) lonely-Island CDs. . This album has gotten more spins than 99% of the music in my collection. . Relaxing, lyrical and intelligent. . Music doesn’t really come any better than this … for me.

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