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It was cheap (and wasn’t anymore a few hours later). Although many people violently disagree, I always thought London Town (1978) was McCartney’s best album, simply because it entered my life when I was having a fabulous time and the album continues to remind me of that every time I listen to it, but when the deluxe edition of Ram (1971) appeared at a greatly reduced price for a few hours, I thought I’ll check it out. Panned when it was first released and then  reevaluated by many critics decades later, I actually liked what I heard when I first checked it out some years ago. So, here’s the full package then. I’ll let it grow on me.

Ram (deluxe edition): (1) remastered album, (2) bonus audio CD, (3) remastered mono album on CD, (4) Thrillington CD, (5) bonus Film DVD, (6) 112-Page side-bound book, (7) five 8 x10 photos in vintage-style photographic wallet, (8) eight full size facsimilies of McCartney’s original handwritten lyric sheets, (9) mini photographic book of outtakes from the original album cover photo shoot, (10) RAM photo flip book, (11) free download card, (12) housed in a numbered fabric-wrapped box.

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