Weapons of mass destruction are bought at home entertainment outlets nowadays.

Modern weapons of mass destruction are bought at your local home entertainment outlet nowadays, not on the black market in the deepest Ukraine. The new wars are fought in living rooms around the country. There are people living on 60 square meters and less in a rented apartment with walls as thin as toilet paper, but they absolutely must have that 65” or 70” TV and/or a huge film projector, beefed up with that awesome 5.2 to 11.2 surround system whose one or two subwoofers are aggressive enough to shake the foundations of the entire town.

Of course, having one array of ugly loudspeakers in front of you and one in the back is not enough any more. Today you also need arrays on the side and, unbelievably, above you, front and back.

Total immersion.
Total destruction of any peace in one’s own apartment or even the neighborhood.

It’s a sign of the times that many people need to bomb their own and everyone else’s senses into oblivion, surrounded by flying bullets, explosions … and 200 meters of butt-ugly cable.

And, yes, a 22.2 surround sound concept already exists and a local shop is ready to show you if you’re interested.
That’s 24 speakers.

The fun we’ll have.

Posted by Volkher Hofmann

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