Wine, Wine, Wine!

This past weekend it was time to replenish my rather depleted wine reservoir (only red wines left, mostly), especially because one of my favorite vineyards had sent out a mail announcing the grand opening of its brand-spanking new “Vinothek“. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as great as I had hoped so most of the photos did not really turn out (the Samsung S5 is definitely weather dependent), but that did not stop me from trying every single wine available and spending a quite bit of cash to load up on the current vintage.

The trip started with a visit of “Hainbachhof” which sells Thomas Hörner‘s fabulous wines and which seemed all but closed until a wonderful lady appeared to let me/us sample (all) the goods. About 30 bottles ended up in the trunk and “Borell Diehls” grand opening lead not only to the consumption of some excellent food but also to the purchase of another two or three crates of excellent wines (and various other spirits).

What a haul.
I think I should be covered for another couple of months.
If you don’t drop by, people, you’re gonna miss out on some great spirits!

This is definitely the golden age of German wines. I’ve been here for 21+ years and the wines have never been as good as they are at the moment. The price/performance ratio is absolutely exceptional.


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