Whittier, Alaska

(A) Reed Young, perhaps one of my favorite editorial photographers, is someone whom I have tried to follow on and off over the past 5 years or so. Of himself, he says: “I was never a good writer, so photography became an excuse to be a storyteller in a different way.” I cannot really tell you what fascinates me about his work, but one thing that does stand out is that he simply isn’t someone to go for the “artsy-fartsy” style so many colleagues of his have fallen for. Yes, indeed, he can do that, too, but his photo stories I have gravitated towards come from the heart.

(B) I have always had this hermit-like behavior that takes precedence ever so often in my life and, despite what other people might think, I feel good about it. I just need my time off from people, places and things on a more regular basis. Plus, which might possibly be a character trait of my generation, I can actually (still) spend time with myself without getting the least bit bored. Actually, I rather enjoy myself while living “off the grid”.

(C) The photos in “Whittier, Alaska“, a project Young embarked on in late 2012, look deceptively simple, but to my eye, they are spot on. To me it seems as if Young has a knack for the human experience in more extreme circumstances. Whittier, Alaska, is a place I would probably feel at home in, at least for a while, and I think Reed Young managed to capture what I tried to describe above more or less perfectly, warts and all.  Have a look.

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