When It Rains … It Hails

I’m not even going to elaborate on the things that went belly up in my life these past few weeks, all of which in total were the reason for the non-existent updates around here, but, in summation, things simply couldn’t have gotten much worse (and couldn’t have cost me more money than they did).

Life works in mysterious ways and although I have always been a proponent of that old saying that every cloud has a silver lining, this past week has tried its damn best to make sure I never use that one again.

To be quite honest, these past six or seven days I have seriously thought about giving this website the boot as well, but when, from a distance, I looked at

  • what was available here,
  • the work I’ve put into it and
  • the number of visitors (we’re approaching a heretofore unheard of number of unique visitors in the high five figures these past months), I decided to take a deep breath and keep rollin’.

Still, things need to change on the hoster front. DomainFactory, my past and current website hoster, has turned from a once reliable and rock-solid business into a volatile, money-grabbing and completely unreliable beast, and this website has to move, sooner than later.

The problem is that I simply don’t have the time right now, considering that a move isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve got a couple of hosters on the radar, all of which are slightly more expensive but offer both more reliability and service, but making a decision and putting in the work to first move the domain and then the website requires time I simply don’t have at the moment. Currently, I’m looking into one candidate that will also automatically switch my site to SSL without me having to lift a finger.

In other news, which further complicate the matters outlined above, I’m finally getting ready to move. I have been at my current place for longer than 25 years and although I have always enjoyed the place, it’s simply gotten too noisy and, yes, a bit “old” (not really in terms of age, but in terms of changes that didn’t happen).

On this website I have often written about reducing what I have, “going minimal” in a way and … well, it’s time I do that.

So, although this has been a long process, I’ve started culling the herd. Music, films, books and clothes … a minimum of 50% has to go.

The problem is, and most of you collectors out there have probably at least come across this problem somewhere along your path, nothing I own in regard to media is really worth anything anymore. Books that one dealer offered five figures for about 9 years ago, most people don’t even want to have for free today. My drum set has been superseded by a whole number of newer versions, CDs are worth a cent a piece … you get the idea.

So, these past few days I have contacted places I can donate huge chunks of my various collections to, and even those places don’t have enough space, might be interested but not really, etc.

If things don’t change quickly, lots of the above will simply go into the trash.

Mind you, 95% of what I have in physical form, I also have in various digital formats, so it’s only letting go of the physical version to keep on enjoying the digital one, but it is depressing. Books, unless they are extremely rare, don’t go for anything anymore and CDs are a thing of the past unless you are willing to spend hundreds of hours offering, selling and packaging single items, etc. Things have been and are shifting, and I came late to the game.

Again, I won’t lose anything (besides the drumset, which is easily replaced by a newer and cheaper one down the road), but I have huge problems throwing things away that meant a lot to me when I spent time on and with them these past 30 years and more.

But, that’s the way the infamous cookie crumbles and at the moment I’m going through literally thousands of items to see what I want to keep. To be quite honest (ignoring the above feelings), it really doesn’t amount to much. To give you an example, I have 11 vitrines filled to the brim with books, most of which are in excellent condition. The same books don’t even fill the memory of my eBook reader … I could add another couple of hundred. My music collection spans pretty close to 45 (!) Ikea Benno shelves filled to the brim whereas the two external USB drives the music currently resides on don’t take up more space than an A4 magazine.

To cut things short, currently I’m working on reducing what I own by a minimum of 50%. If possible, I’d like to achieve 75%. That is hard work and will keep me busy until February or March of 2018, around the time I’m thinking of moving to a new place (which I haven’t secured yet). Luckily enough, I have a bunch of friends helping me out and their opinion of what should stay and what (absolutely) has to go is extremely valuable, especially because they are not emotionally attached to anything.

So, although things will change around here (hosting of this website) and in my life (moving and minimalizing), not much will change, if you know what I mean.

While you are reading this, I’m working on a new post about a box set I was finally able to get hold of, one that also connects to my life in Denmark ages ago.

So, don’t go away and hang around for what’s to come.


Silver lining.

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Volkher Hofmann (deus62) has been blogging on and off since the 1990s and deus62.com is all that is left. He loves music, literature, drumming and, most of all, real life. He thinks the open web is much more important than social networks, closed-in ecosystems and other severely commercialized online endeavors.

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