Weingut Hörner

It’s all about horns.

Several years down the road, “Weingut Hörner” (German) still produces my favorite wines in a region that is positively brimming with excellent wines. In fact, many wine lovers would kill to live where I do, right on the edge of two of Germany’s best wine regions.

The quality Thomas Hörner (a mere 25 years old) has managed to produce these past years (he took over in 2013) is absolutely astonishing. I’m drawn to his wines every single time I go on major wine tasting trips, only to end up once again with a couple of crates of either his “Sauvignon Blanc“, “Weissburgunder” or “Gelber Muskateller” (or just about any other wine he produces in “my” price bracket around 8 to 10 Euro per bottle).

Hörner is a member of the ever-growing group of those young and fine winemakers who have all but revolutionized wine making in south-western Germany. Out went the old “safe” wines that everyone had gotten all too complacent about and in came the young blood, risk-taking, revamped design and a ton of passion.

This summer is going to be grand just because of people like Thomas Hörner.

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