Weekly Digest #1

The weekly digest is an attempt to collect all those major and minor things that just seem to fly by all too fast. This week we’ve got some photos and a whole list of quick shots to point you towards things I’ve watched, listened to, bought, read and thought about.


For example, last weekend, which I’ll just include in this first weekly digest because it was wonderful, I had a fantastic nice & quiet dinner at a cozy home instead of running around Stuttgart in the measly gray weather and frequenting the usual favorite restaurants, whose menus I know all too well. Besides that, I was also given my very own advent calendar to eat up … slowly … throughout December … if I can manage not to eat everything in one go.


Quick Shots

  • Google’s PhotoScan, a new app that allows you to scan your old photos using your smart phone, is perhaps the greatest idea since sliced bread, but it isn’t really there yet. Scanning is a real breeze, but the resulting resolution just isn’t good enough for PhotoScan to be anything but a toy at the moment. I hope future updates can make this app shine, especially since we don’t have affordable services like ScanCafe in Europe.
  • I haven’t had much time to watch anything really this past week, usually falling asleep before I could even hit the play button on my Samsung tablet, but “Hell or High Water” was a film that I managed to watch and enjoy very much. In the endless stream of Hollywood slush, that one was a pleasant surprise.
  • I also managed to wade through the last couple of season 3 episodes of “The Strain” which, to be quiet honest, convinced me not to continue watching the series. It’s far too generic and the season finale was just too dumb. Ah well, time saved for better things.
  • I haven’t bought many CDs in the second half of 2016, simply because I have too many already and am increasingly reluctant to fill up the little space I have left with a continuous stream of new arrivals. I just added two CDs (actually 8) to my Christmas shelf, “Deutsche Barockweihnacht” (7 CDs, exlusive to jpc.de) and “A Danish Christmas” (Musica Ficta, Bo Holten, Naxos 1996/1997). That’s it.
  • I sometimes wonder what Joe and Jane Disgruntled think of the team Donald Trump is assembling around himself. It doesn’t have much – if anything – to do with what he aggressively promised the people who voted for him. It has everything to do with what I expected him to do.
  • I dread the day I have to switch to Windows 10 next year or so. All the update chaos that system has generated since its inception is frightening and has given many users around the Net more than really serious headaches. Just two examples: “Microsoft acknowledges KB3200970 installation issues in Windows 10” and “Windows 10 Update Bug Grants ‘Root’ Access And Bypasses BitLocker With Just Two Keys“. There are TONS more. I wonder why people put up with it.
  • The number one problem all of my PCs have encountered these past many years are clogged up fans that either die on me or need to be cleaned for hours on end, which I had to do once again this week. As a result, I’ve now got a high-frequency whine coming from beneath my desk. I wish someone would come up with a better solution that isn’t water cooling.
  • I have no idea why Samsung devices are called S5, S7 and Tab 10.1 if anywhere else they show up as G900f, G930F and SM-T580 respectively. Try figuring out which is which when in a hurry. Stupid.
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like … excess!
  • I’m really not the type for this, but maybe you are? You won’t have to get up off the couch this Christmas … or ever again: Behold the Nerdytec Couchmaster!


[Week #48, 2016]

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