This is the third time I bought an external Western Digital USB drive which wasn’t recognized by Windows 7. The problem is that I know how to fix the problem whereas a large number of people in the same situation probably don’t have the foggiest.

See, if you have lots of similar drives, Windows 7 seems to assume that the new drive is actually an old drive (because it thinks they are identical), one that has previously been connected to your PC or notebook.

And then it goes into a catatonic state.

In an age of ever-increasing file sizes, downloads, video streams and whatnot, one would assume that this kind of problem shouldn’t occur anymore but, alas, the Internet is flowing over with forum posts by people who ran into exactly this problem.

What I have yet to encounter online is someone who has managed to bring Windows 7 to its knees by a large number of similar/identical drives … which is my current problem. As things stand at the moment, none of the usual fixes work because I seem to have short-circuited Window’s healing gene.

Actually, I think I gave my Windows 7 brain cancer.



Posted by Volkher Hofmann

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