Vismara’s Revolving Towers

Yes, I do have to admit to being anally retrentive when it comes around to keeping order in my stuff. After all, I am the person who has all of his books, films and CDs sorted alphabetically (and I mean each and every one of them), I used to write and rewrite notes on A5 cards until I got them right, I love designing calendars and forms with Indesign, and I like things aligned and neat-looking, no matter what they are. I have been known to unconsciously straighten out other people’s framed posters and photographs (it is beyond me how someone can slap a great photo of, say, Duke Ellington on the wall, only to have it hang crookedly next to another great photo) and I even have my pens stand at attention in a pen holder which holds each pen or pencil separately. Jeez, doesn’t everyone?

I’m not even going to get into Freud’s definition of this state of being; I will just adhere to the more modern metaphorical usage describing someone overly worried about small details. And, in that sense, Vismara’s “Revolving Tower” (site uses frames; see links at the end of this post) is an anally retentive’s wet dream.

It looks like a filing system, it moves like a filing system, and if it tasted of anything, I’m sure it would taste of filing system, to boot. If you do choose the right colors (the standard colors will do fine), you can effectively get this one to blend in with your mouse-grey filing cabinets and if you are one of the extremely lucky people out there, nobody will even notice it amongst your other filing-cabinets and galvanized shelf systems.

The “Revolving Tower” comes in three sizes: Version 1 (RT D/CD, standard), which combines the storage of CDs and DVDs, can hold 728 CDs and 216 DVDs (and is laughed at by most serious collectors), but versions 2 (RT CD) and 3 (RT DVD), holding 1144 CDs or 576 DVDs respectively, are no laughing matter.

Depending on the storage space provided, the base circumference of these round “Revolving Towers” covers 72 or 84 centimeters, and the height ranges from 191,5 to 196,5 centimeters. The standard colors are an “Azzuro” blue with some metallic silver and aluminum thrown in for good measure (sides and inside containers), and the towers rest on 6 solid metal legs.

What’s cool about these is that they are so solidly built and the revolving mechanism is just so smooth that you find yourself turning these babies just to see them turn, soundlessly and effortlessly.

Of course, the pitfall of these towers is that once you hit the magic mark of 1145 CDs, you need to put a second one somewhere, but with the purchase of the RT CD “Revolving Tower” you could promise yourself to keep your collection just below that number. This might also positively effect your relationship or marriage.

As always with Vismara, we do not want to talk about the price of these psychologically correct revolving towers, and I can’t provide any direct links because of the outdated website this wonderful company unfortunately still keeps, but when you enter Vismara territory, you are beyond such petty complaints anyway.

They’re relatively new, they’re cool, and they might even get you to clench your buttocks.

Check ’em out!


External link:
Vismara Design (site uses frames, unfortunately): Hit “Products”, select the first image (top left) and scroll down to the fourth row for the “Revolving Tower” on the next page. If you don’t have much money to spare, ignore ALL the other products, please).

Deep Links:
Full-sized image (01)
Full-sized image (02)
Full-sized image (03)
Technical drawing (*.pdf)
Available Colors (single frame displayed only)

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  1. Maybe it’s just the colors, but they look a little institutional to me – I would expect to see them in the library, but not necessarily in someone’s home.  Though if I had a thousand CDs, I’d probably want one just because they’d be so useful.


  2. Dear Jennifer Grucza,

    We are interesting in your product of Revolving Filing System for binder.

    Import to Israel. Pleas let us Know the price and F.O.B. .

    And all the information you can give us.

    Best Regards

    Avner Ram


  3. Avner,

    You got the wrong name (Jennifer was a commenter) and the wrong site.

    Select the Vismara link in the article itself and contact the company via the contact form on their site.

    Good luck.

    Volkher Hofmann


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