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When surfing the Internet for CD storage systems two or three years ago, I came across a website by a company in Italy, Vismara in Milano. I didn’t dare ask about prices for the many cabinets they make, but if you want to, you can easily do so by hitting the “Contact Us” button in the top left of their website [no direct link because the site uses frames]. On the site you can also find a list of shops/dealers that carry Vismara products. The site has grown substantially since I first visited and new products are added regularly. Apparently, Vismara has established itself solidly and is growing at a steady pace.

The site also does not give you very much information about the products themselves, but you can immediately see that we are not talking about your everyday run of the mill systems. These are stylish, lavishly-produced pieces of furniture for the connoisseur – who also happens to have the cash for them.

Take the Frame 214, for example, which can – despite its name – house a whopping 780 CDs. It basically is a shelf masquerading as a very large picture frame and comes with a foot into which the frame is inserted and then pushed against the wall where it will stand slightly slanted, leaning against the wall. The CDs stick out about one third of the way and it looks as if one might have major problems storing cases larger than an average jewelcase.

The Frame 214 comes in this standard size for 780 CDs (214cm high, 102.5 cm wide, 32 cm deep) but can, according to their website, also be tailor-made to fit more (or less, I guess). Colors and frame design are apparently highly customizable and anything from a wood grain finish to a night sky design are possible. Choose, for example, a black frame with blood-red shelf color and you’ve got a Frame214 to fit right into your yuppie apartment.

Website: Vismara [choose a language by clicking a flag at the bottom]

[Note: In the near future I will be writing up short presentations of the many other systems they have available]

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