Vintage HiFi

I could write up a steam, but I don’t have the time. I’m a big fan of vintage HiFi equipment, as are many, many other people on this planet. It has nothing to do with the golden age of HiFi ( a loose term at best), which many people would probably associate with the late 1960s, especially the 1970s and, in part, like me, the 1980s, but with the superior quality craftsmanship that made a lot of the amplifiers, tuners and turntables the sought-after timeless classics they are today.

I know a ton of highly-qualified individuals who pour their lifeblood into restoring each spectacular find, but is has become increasingly difficult to find a decent item at a realistic price to hand over to them. It is absolutely ludicrous how many cheapskates have jumped onto the bandwagon, claiming that any rusty, moldy and totally annihilated piece of crap he/she discovered in his/her attic is “vintage”, “a true classic” and “highly sought-after”. Hence the premium price they are asking for it.

Wading through 98% of crap has become common practice for anyone trying to find what was, a few years ago, available in abundance – well-kept vintage equipment that is worth restoring. The price increase on many of the items I have been watching these past 5 years and more is absolutely staggering.

Still, it is a fascinating hobby that, for the initiated people around the planet, pays off in a major way once the hunt has unearthed that one item that everyone else missed.

Expect more on this fascinating topic here in the future.
It’s been keeping me busy in my off-time for ages.

Featured image above: Faceplate of the wonderful Sansui AU-X1 Amplifier powerhouse (1979 and beyond).

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