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Note: Please keep in mind that this post hasn’t been updated for a long time. I’m thinking of rewriting it and integrating it into the “Discographies & Lists” section of this site by summer of this year. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We collectors are suckers for packaging. It comes close to a fetish. You give us nifty packaging with glossy booklets, fold-out covers, interesting liner notes or interviews, stick the CDs into plastic sleeves, metal or cigar boxes, reproduce original covers and house the CDs therein … you name it, we’ll take it. Admittedly, some of those packaging extravaganzas are a royal pain in the neck, but in the end, we put up with the dysfunctional design team members that cook up things that looked great on screen but are practically worthless in real life, just because niftily packaged items give more head. I have cursed the design department of many a label, but in the end I love to pull some of those items out from my collection and show them off to casual listeners that usually utter plenty of “oohs” and “aahs”, something that gives us collectors more head, to boot.The Universal Deluxe Editions entered my collection pretty much the day the first ones came out and although many that have been released since then don’t tickle my fancy that much, there are enough of them I just had to buy to merit a special section on my shelves.

Mind you, there are sometimes better remastered versions out there, but if you are anything like me – and you probably are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this here – packaging is a major element of any desired item. Besides, my middle-of-the-road stereo can only expose so much faulty remastering and beyond a certain point, I’m usually quite happy with the items I’m presented with – that’s why I bought a system that can “camouflage” some of the sometimes grave faults modern remasters suffer from.

One of the biggest problems of this series has always been that depending on where you live, you might have access to reissues in this series that other parts of the globe are probably missing out on. Add to that the fact that it is a pain in the neck to find an official comprehensive list of these reissues (the one I linked to is the incomplete official Universal US list), and what you have are hours of searching the few bookmarked sites to see what’s new, might be about to be released or was actually released … half-way ’round the globe. Because some of these have a knack of disappearing fast or becoming outrageously priced after a few weeks of availability, it is essential to keep track of them and jump on them whenever they become available.

Each double-CD in this series has some typical features, such as the characteristic plastic cover with the “Deluxe Edition” imprint, a digipack fold-out cover housing two CDs, an accompanying booklet, mostly original artwork, plus usually a load of bonus tracks which are, at times, superfluous and at times tons better than the original CD. Examples? Whereas the recent Level 42 “World Machine” issue, which has some extended remixes and live tracks on disc two which I simply couldn’t warm to, Peter Framptons’s “Frampton Comes Alive!” restores the original order of tunes and Bob Marley’s “Catch a Fire”, one of the best in the series, contains the original unreleased Jamaican versions of the released Island LP which are, in my mind, tons better and wonderfully remastered. At times, you are also presented with a hybrid SACD/CD disc or a DVD is added instead of a second CD. Whatever the labels cook up, the second CD usually adds either alternative tracks, live tracks or film material to supplement the main reissue on disc one.

There are simply too many reissues in this series to discuss them all, but I’ve tried to supply you with a somewhat complete list (to my knowledge) below so you can start hunting around the Internet for these and read up on them (which you should, as some of them are not the most desirable reissue around, expecially if you are one of these totally audiophile nutcases).. Many of these are well worth your money, especially if you can catch them at below list price which is, at times, a bit too steep for what is offered. I have kept many of these on my wishlist for months, sometimes even years, and whenever they went down in price, I pounced on them.

Check ’em out.

Last update: May 28th, 2008.

  1. 3 Doors Down: The Better Life
  2. ABBA: Arrival
  3. ABBA: The Album
  4. ABC: Lexicon of Love
  5. Allman Brothers Band: At Fillmore East
  6. Allman Brothers Band: Eat a Peach
  7. Beatles, The: The Beatles’ First! Featuring Tony Sheridan
  8. Beck: Odelay
  9. Blind Faith: Blind Faith
  10. Boys II Men: Legacy
  11. Brown, James: Live at the Apollo – Volume II
  12. Clapton, Eric: Eric Clapton
  13. Clapton, Eric: 461 Ocean Boulevard
  14. Cliff, Jimmy: The Harder They Come
  15. Cocker, Joe: Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  16. Coltrane, John: A Love Surpreme
  17. Cole, Lloyd & The Commotions: Rattlesnakes
  18. Cope, Julian: Jehovakill
  19. Costello, Elvis: My Aim is True
  20. Costello, Elvis: This Year’s Model
  21. Counting Crows: August and Everything After
  22. Cream: Disraeli Gears
  23. Crystal Method: Vegas
  24. Cure, The: Faith
  25. Cure, The: The Head on the Door
  26. Cure, The: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
  27. Cure, The: Pornography
  28. Cure, The: Seventeen Seconds
  29. Cure, The: Three Imaginary Boys
  30. Cure, The: The Top
  31. Def Leppard: Hysteria
  32. Dexy’s Midnight Runners: Too-Rye-Ay
  33. DJ Shadow: Endtrocucing
  34. Eric B: & Rakim: Paid in Full
  35. Etheridge, Melissa: Melissa Etheridge
  36. Etheridge, Melissa: Greatest Hits -The Road Less Traveled
  37. Fairport Convention: Liege and Lief
  38. Frampton, Peter: Frampton Comes Alive, Vol: 1
  39. Free: Fire & Water
  40. Gainsbourg, Serge”Aux Armes Et Cætera
  41. Gaye, Marvin: I Want You
  42. Gaye, Marvin: Let’s Get It On
  43. Gaye, Marvin: What’s Going On
  44. Gin Blossoms: New Miserable Experience
  45. Glove, The: Blue Sunshine
  46. Happy Mondays: Bummed
  47. Howlin’ Wolf: The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions
  48. INXS: Kick
  49. Jackson, Joe: Night and Day
  50. Jam, The: All Mod Cons
  51. James, Rick: Street Songs
  52. John, Elton: Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy
  53. John, Elton: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  54. Kossoff, Paul: Back Street Crawler
  55. La’s: The La’s
  56. Lang Lang: Live at Carnegie Hall (classical music)
  57. Level 42: World Machine
  58. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Gimme Back My Bullets [+ DVD]
  59. Lynyrd Skynyrd: One More from the Road
  60. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Street Survivors
  61. Marley, Bob: Burnin’
  62. Marley, Bob: Catch a Fire
  63. Marley, Bob: Exodus
  64. Marley, Bob: Legend
  65. Marley, Bob: Rastaman Vibration
  66. Martyn, John: One World
  67. Martyn, John: Grace & Danger
  68. Mayall, John: Bluesbreakers (with Eric Clapton)
  69. Meat Loaf: Bat out of Hell II
  70. Moody Blues, The: A Night at Red Rocks
  71. Moody Blues, The: Days of Future Passed [Sacd/CD Hybrid]
  72. Moody Blues, The: In Search of the Lost Chord
  73. Moody Blues, The: To Our Children’s Children’s Children
  74. Netrebko, Anna: Anna Netrebko – Opera Arias (classical music)
  75. Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
  76. Orb, The: Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
  77. Orb, The: U.F. Orb
  78. Parsons, Alan: Tales of Mystery & Imagination
  79. Pulp: Different Class
  80. Pulp: His’n’Hers
  81. Pulp: This Is Hardcore
  82. Richie, Lionel: Can’t Slow Down
  83. Ross, Diana: Diana
  84. Siouxsie & The Banshees: The Scream
  85. Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation
  86. Sonic Youth: Dirty
  87. Sonic Youth: Goo
  88. Squeeze: ArgyBargy
  89. Style Council, The: Our Favourite Shop
  90. Sublime: Sublime
  91. Summer, Donna: Bad Girls
  92. Tears for Fears: Songs from the Big Chair
  93. Trio: Trio
  94. Various Artists: The Commitments – The Original Soundtrack
  95. Various Artists: Easy Rider – The Original Soundtrack
  96. Various Artists: Grease – The Original Soundtrack
  97. Various Artists: Standing in the Shadows of Motown – The Soul Behind the Sound (soundtrack)
  98. Various Artists: The Big Chill – Music from and Inspired by
  99. Velvet Underground & Nico: Velvet Underground
  100. Weezer: Weezer
  101. Weller, Paul: Stanley Road
  102. Weller, Paul: Wild Wood
  103. Whiskeytown: Stranger’s Almanac
  104. Who, The: Live at Leeds
  105. Who, The: My Generation
  106. Who, The: Tommy
  107. Who, The: Who’s Next
  108. Williams, Lucinda: Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
  109. Zombie, Rob: Hellbilly Deluxe

List last updated: May 28th, 2008.

Note: Announced but not (yet) released:

  1. Earle, Steve: Copperhead Road (June 2008)
  2. John, Elton: Tumbleweed Connection (June 2008)
  3. John, Elton: Elton John (June 2008)
  4. Thin Lizzy: Vagabonds of the Western World (uncertain?)

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  1. you should put your disks the right way up in their cases! why else do you think there is writing on them? for you to practise reading at weird angles?!


  2. To that I can only reply with a Monty Python classic, which is taken from the blurbs on the back of one of their soundtracks:” We laughed until we stopped.”. 😉

    P.S.: If you weren’t such a lazy sod and looked at the full-size images, you could discern writing on the CDs.Or do you have a Dutch monitor?


  3. Thanks for checking out our new blog!  Let us know if there is ever anything you’d want to see on the blog that we dont have covered!


  4. My friends, I’ve found an Universal Chronicles page.


    There you can list the collection’s, including the deluxe edition.


    I think that list is complete.

    Thank you guys!


  5. Add these to your list

    Pulp “Different Class”

    Def Leppard “Hysteria”

    Also Lynyd Skynyrd should read one more FROM the road


  6. Also add

    Various Standing in the shadows of Motown soundtrack

    Pretty sure thats it


  7. Steve,

    duh, I even have the Motown one. Thanks.  I’ll also add/fix the rest.


  8. I’m a sucker for these, too:

    A few more to add to your list:

    Elvis Costello – My Aim Is True

    Counting Crows – August and Everything After

    Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Too-Rye-Ay

    Fairport Convention – Liege and Lief

    Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation

    Alan Parsons – Tales of Mystery…

    The Commitments

    Crystal Method -Vegas

    3 Doors Down – The Better Life



  9. Abba – The Album

    Paul Weller – Wild Wood

    Squeeze – ArgyBargy (out Jan 2008)


  10. Yes, I know, I should finally get around to updating this list. I’ll get around to it this weekend, I promise.

    Thanks for leaving a hint. 😉


  11. great site-u read my mind–looking everywhere for complete list–us collectors DO have a fetish for getting packaging like this–thanks


  12. Add to your list;

    Fairport Convention – ‘Liege And Lief’

    Pael Weller – ‘Wildwood’


  13. Mac,
    thanks for the heads up.

    This list is not complete anymore by a long shot and it needs to be updated … which it will be, probably next week.

    Right now health issues are keeping me from working on the site as originally planned … otherwise the “new” Universal Deluxe Editions page would have been finished already. I want to add quite a bit of information plus cover images.


  14. List updated. Hope it’s complete now. The Universal Chronicles site is down once again with an out of memory error (= as usual), the dedicated “Universal Deluxe Editions” site by Universal hasn’t been updated for ages, the Wikipedia “Universal Deluxe Editions” page(s) haven’t been updated either, etc. I would think that the Universal PR department sucks big time.

    Note: June should bring some new additions (see bottom of list) and aside from the only jazz UDE, John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”, which has been around for quite a while, two classical UDEs have been added (Lang Lang; Anna Netrebko). Seems like there are plans to expand into the classical market if these two (bestsellers) go over well.

    Thanks everyone for adding your comments here. Keep ’em coming in case I miss new releases again.


  15. Add to your list:

    Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend


  16. I think it’s important to note that all the Cure releases are not on Universal (I own them all and they are Elektra/Rhino and does not feature the clear plastic slipcase).

    Also note: “Legacy Edition” (Matthew Sweet) and “Collector’s Edition” (Happy Mondays) should not be considered as part of Universal’s Deluxe Editions.


  17. @vu

    Thanks. I wasn’t sure about some of the (re)issues on the list which I don’t have and spent I don’t know how much time looking at covers, incorrect slipcase-photos etc. I’ll filter the Legacy editions and write up a separate post in the near future.

    Thanks for the heads up.
    Things will be fixed within a few days.


  18. What’s the deal with ArgyBargy? Online ads in Tower and HMV state that there are 19 live tracks on CD2 but the one I received from Tower only has 15. Are there two different versions of this Deluxe Edition?



  19. Danny Williams13/08/2008 at 11:33 pm

    This list is very helpful for us collectors!
    Can’t wait for the Legacy Editions list!
    I thought the Cure titles do have slipcases (on Amazon.uk they seem to) I dont own any releases out of the US, but plan on picking some up for sure. It might be helpful to state which ones were released in US and which ones are imports…..

    Thanks Again, danny in houston


  20. Good page…very helpful to those trying to navigate through the rather haphazard jungle that is the Deluxe Editions series. Amazing the record company doesn’t have a more functional site of its own for these – this one’s actually more beneficial! I like some of the series a lot: Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Frampton and most of the Elton discs (don’t get the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road effort – lacking compared to the others)…oh, yes and Joe Jackson’s Night and Day. Great stuff there. Some of the titles, well, let’s just say they’re of questionable merit for Deluxe status and leave it at that.


  21. Steve Roberts30/08/2008 at 8:15 pm

    Hi, there! Thanks for putting up this list…to agree with AG above, it’s a pity Universal couldn’t make the effort! A couple more titles for your list…

    Soft Cell – Non Stop Erotic Cabaret;
    Black Sabbath – Paranoid (apparently this will be a THREE disc set, one CD of the album, one of outtakes, and an SACD featuring the original quadrophonic mix!);
    ELP – Brain Salad Surgery (ditto!)

    It might also be worth noting on your list which of the titles are deleted (Gin Blossoms, for example)


  22. Also add “Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret” by Soft Cell


  23. For those interested, I’ve been working on a list like this over at Rate Your Music for some time now. I think it’s the most comprehensive list of titles in the Deluxe, Legacy and Collector’s Edition series on the Internet at the moment. Feel free to take a look.


    And if anyone has any information on titles that are not on my list, please let me know (either here or by sending me a private message on Rate Your Music). Thank you.


  24. Thanks for the link!

    My list is neither up-to-date anymore, nor is it accurate. I’m planning on fixing and updating this post (thoroughly) in April.

    Stay tuned!


  25. def leppard’s “adrenalize” and “pyromania” are planned/already out


  26. the who’s “sell out” already out too


  27. Richard Adam Hendricks19/05/2010 at 9:36 pm

    Want to see what should be in store for The Deluxe Edition Series for this year?
    Well, I just happen to have a list of wonderful titles that deserves to be part of
    the Deluxe Edition Series for 2010. Even though UMG does have enough time
    to include these timeless masterworks, here they are:
    1. Bryan Adams: Bryan Adams (1980). “His highly publicized debut album”
    2. Rush: Exit–Stage Left (1981) “A Celebrated live recording from the band”.
    3. Ike And Tina Turner: River Deep, Mountain High (1967).
    4. B.B. King: Live At The Regal (1965). “One of his most popular masterworks”.
    …and two masterpieces by Eric Clapton: Slowhand (1977) and Backless (1978).
    Now that I have presented you this list, let us hope that these masterworks
    get the Deluxe Edition treatment for the rest of the year. We know that times
    are tough right now, but the Universal Music Group can get itself the chance to
    have those classic albums included in The Deluxe Edition Series for the rest for


  28. Richard Adam Hendricks21/05/2010 at 8:08 pm

    Would you like to see a sneak preview of wonderful classic titles that
    really deserves to be added to the Deluxe Edition Series for 2011?
    Now that I have answered this time-honoured question, I would like
    to present a list of priceless album titles that should be added to the
    Deluxe Edition Series. Unlike the several titles that I had mentioned
    to you to include for the rest of 2010, I will present all of you roughly
    14 masterworks which deserves to see the light of day on Universal
    Music Group’s Deluxe Edition Series, and here they are:
    1. Marvin Gaye: I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1968).
    2. Bill Haley And The Comets: Rock And Roll Stage Show (1957).
    “The First Great Live Rock And Roll Performance Put On Album!”
    3. Bryan Adams: Into The Fire (1987). “Another Perfect Masterpiece”
    4. The Police: Synchronicity (1983) “Another Important Chapter For
    Sting That Include The Landmark Hit Every Breath You Take”
    5. The Rolling Stones: Out Of Our Heads (1965). –Decca Records”
    6. : December’s Children (1966). –Also Decca.
    “These Are The Original Decca Records (U.K.) Editions!”
    7. Public Enemy: Apocalypse ’91–The Enemy Strikes Back (1991).
    “Another Dramatic Blow For Positive Hip-Hop and Public Enemy!”
    8. Chuck Berry: –with Bo Diddley, Two Great Guitars (1964).
    “A Landmark Duet Classic From Two Rock Guitar Legends!”
    9. Toots And The Maytels: Funky Kingston (1973).
    10.B.B. King: Completely Well (1970).
    11. : Indianola, Mississippi Seeeds (1970).
    “Two Blues Masterpieces From The Counterculture Era!”
    12. Joan Armatrading: To The Limit (1978). “Her Finest Hour!”
    13.Cream: Wheels Of Fire (1968). An Exhilarating Masterpiece”
    …and finally, last–but not least: this pop-rock classic,
    14.Cat Stevens: Buddah And The Chocolate Box (1974).
    These are the ‘album’ masterpieces that we believe should be
    part of The Deluxe Edition Series in 2011. Oh yes, for The Rock
    And Roll Stage Show from Bill Haley And The Comets, both MCA
    and the Universal Music Group may want to do a great deal of
    research on this landmark chapter from the early days of Rock
    And Roll, so they may want to do a careful and well-structured
    job of it (the live album could run for over 2 hours or 2% hours
    of complete running time). Let us hope their is a unanimous
    approval from UMG and The Deluxe Edition Series department,
    because these listed masterpieces certainly deserves to see
    the light of day when The Deluxe Edition Series gets ready for
    another set of reissues scheduled for the year 2011.
    P.S.: The second copy of my previous email letter was just a
    “Paragraph Collection”.


  29. @ Richard Adam Hendricks

    Please do not post the same message more than once. Thank you.


  30. Richard Adam Hendricks09/08/2010 at 9:27 pm

    How about giving several of The Jackson Five’s greatest albums
    the Deluxe Edition treatment? Well, I do happen to have a small
    list that include A.B.C. (1970), Maybe Tomorrow (1971) and even
    Dancing Machine (1974), which could be likely to be re-issued in
    their complete 2-CD Deluxe Edition set. Plus, you can even look
    into the band’s debut album Diana Ross Presents The Jackson
    Five (1969) and Micheal Jackson’s first solo album entitled Got To
    Be Thre (1971). So let’s notably the Jackson Dynasty about this
    special idea so we could give a shot with these timeless R&B
    masterworks that made the band such a household name in the
    music world–and even helped introduce the world to the late
    Micheal Jackson.


  31. Richard Adam Hendricks25/10/2011 at 7:07 pm

    In 1965, Paco De Lucia, a rising young flamenco star, deeply impressed
    the music when he rose to the top of the international spotlight with his
    debut album, which would not only made him a bright young star on the
    flamenco scene, but would give fresh new life to this wonderful music he
    became part of. However, I do happen to have a small list of albums the
    great flamenco master made for Philips Records, which we believe could
    become likely to get the Deluxe Edition treatment, so here are some of
    those masterpieces that we believe should get an official check-up from
    both Philips Records and the Universal Music Group. The titles include:
    La Fabulosa Guitarra De Paco De Lucia (1967), Fantasia Flamenco De
    Paco De Lucia, Hispanoamerica (Both 1969), Recital De Guitarra (1971),
    En Vivo Desde El Teatro Real (1975), Almoraima (1976) and Live…One
    Summer Night (1984). There is be a slight chance that unissued tracks
    that were left out and some live performance material are related to the
    classic titles mentioned on the list, but it could serve as a helping hand
    to the timeless legacy of the great Paco De Lucia. Now here is a brave
    CD re-issue discovery that will make this master music maker and the
    world of flamenco proud.


  32. Richard Adam Hendricks26/10/2011 at 7:34 pm

    Do you like Folk Music? Well, I do happen to have a list of classic
    folk titles that folk titans Richie Havens and Pete Seeger made for
    the Verve production label, who’s rich sweeping roster have include
    jazz giants ranging from Charlie Parker to Diana Krall. The titles I
    included on the list might serve as the likelyhood of becoming part
    of the Deluxe Edition Series, so I am going to present them to you.
    For Richie Havens, those titles include Mixed Bag (1967); Electric
    Havens (1968); Richard P. Havens, 1983 (1969) and even A State
    Of Mind (1971). His albums he made for Verve from 1967 to 1973
    would make him an international music star and solidify his proud
    reputation as a great socially-conscious folksinger, just alongside
    the great outspoken folksingers like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Harry
    Belfonte, Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash, just among others. And for
    those Pete Seeger titles, they include a couple highly praised live
    duet concert albums: one that he gave with blues pioneer Big Bill
    Broonzy entitled Pete Seeger And Big Bill Broonzy In Concert
    (1955), and one that he gave with Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon
    entitled With Memphis Slim And Willie Dixon At The Village Gate
    (1961). You can even check out his other live works, like At The
    Village Gate (1962), Broadside Newport (1963) and Pete Seeger
    On Campus (1963). (Broadside Newport is part of his Broadside
    albums he made for Philips Records between 1963 and 1964).
    Now that I have present you this special list of folk classics from
    Richie Havens and Pete Seeger, I hope their is an agreement by
    the Deluxe Edition team to find those timeless masterworks and
    see if they make it to the Deluxe Edition Series, which is likely,
    so they can again see the light of day to a fresh new generation
    of listeners. So let’s give them a shot.


  33. Richard Adam Hendricks26/10/2011 at 9:44 pm

    Here are a set of pop-rock masterpieces by Niel Diamond that
    needs to be checked if they need to recieve the Deluxe Edition
    treatment, and the ones that are lucky enough to become part
    of the Deluxe Edition library. Here are the titles: Velvet Glove
    And Spit (1968), which is worth a try; Brother Love’s Traveling
    Salvation Show; Touching You, Touching Me (Both 1969), Tap
    Root Manuscript (1970), Stones (1971) and Rainbow (1974).
    Even though they are just as likely to include unissued material
    left out or occasional live performances related to the albums,
    they certainly could stand a check-up from the Deluxe Edition


  34. Richard Adam Hendricks14/12/2011 at 9:33 pm

    Do you know that some of Black Sabbath’s greeatest albums have
    got the Deluxe Edition treatment by The Universal Music Group?
    Late last year, I checked on a number of MP3 albums on Amazon.
    com and found that a good number of their classic albums the band
    released in the 1970’s and early-1980’s had been released in their
    complete deluxe form with the help from both Philips and Mercury
    (mainly because they were released outside North America under
    the record label Vertigo, Philips’ answer to the Prog-rock market).
    These timeless heavy metal masterworks include Black Sabbarth,
    Paranoid (Both 1970), Masters Of Reality (1971), Sabbath, Bloody
    Sabbath (1973), Heaven And Hell (1980), Mob Rules (1981), Born
    Again and Live Evil (Both 1983). They just got this special deluxe
    edtion treatment just a decade ago. However, there are a couple
    classics by the band that really deserves to get the deluxe edition
    check-up, and they include Sabotoge (1975), which still sound as
    nerve-shattering and fascinating as ever; Technical Ecxtasy (1976)
    and Never Say Die (1978). So if you have any chance, which you
    in the Deluxe Edition re-issue department often does, let us give
    those three classic hits from Black Sabbath the deluxe check-up
    they deserve and see what happens.


  35. Richard Adam Hendricks14/12/2011 at 9:59 pm

    Anybody interested in some classic keyboard-driven rock and R&B
    music from the 1960’s and 1970’s? Well I just happen to have a list
    of some great titles that The Deluxe Edition Series needs to look up
    for their next check-up of classic albums that are likely to receive a
    deluxe seal of approval and they will include a chosen few by Jerry
    Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Alan Price and Billy Preston. From Jerry
    Lee Lewis: Rockin’ With Jerry Lee Lewis (1963), this one seems to
    be worth a check-up; The Greatest Live Show On Earth (1964), now
    this is likely to get the red carpet treatment from the Deluxe Edition
    team; Live At The Star Club, Hamburg (1965); Memphis Beat (1966);
    Soul My Way (1967); The Killer Rocks On (1972); Radio Special
    (1973) and The Session (1974). From Fats Domino: the self-titled
    classic from 1965 (Fats Domino ’65) and Southland, U.S.A. (1966),
    From Alan Price: A Price On His Head (1967), Price Is Right (1968),
    Performing Price (1975), Shouts Across The Street (1976) and even
    A Rock ‘N’ Roll Night At The Royal Court (1981). And finally, from
    Billy Preston, who was a highly creative wizard on the keyboards–
    both acoustic and electric–and one of the greatest R&B stars ever
    lived. They include: I Wrote A Simple Song (1971), Everybody Like
    Some Kind Of Music (1973), European Tour Live (1974), A Whole
    New Song (1977) and even a delightful duet classic with Syreeta–
    Billy Preston And Syreeta (1981). Now that I have given you this
    special list of classic titles that deserve to be part of the celebrated
    Deluxe Edition Series library, let us hope that an agreement will be
    made on giving these modern masterworks the deluxe check-up
    they truly deserve.


  36. Richard Adam Hendricks19/12/2011 at 9:57 pm

    Just recently, I just saw on Hip-O Records’ website that the two first
    great albums by Diana Ross And The Supremes were released in a
    2-CD deluxe edition each–they are Meet The Supremes (1963) and
    Where Did Our Love Go? (1964). I read about them in that website
    and on the All Music Guide where I was surprised and impressed of
    the way they were remastered in their deluxe format. Although they
    would be limited CD editions and likely to stay on MP3 websites as
    long as they please with great results, many said it could never had
    been done, but they certainly gave these historic R&B masterworks
    the grand-scale restoration they deserved. Plus, Hip-O even made
    the same deluxe restoration on several solo masterworks by Diana
    Ross herself: they are Everything Is Everything (1971), Touch Me In
    The Morning (1973) and Last Time I Saw Her (1974). However, we
    may come to believe that Motown might have plenty of more great
    albums from it’s golden age (1960-71) that are likely to recieve the
    deluxe edition red carpet treatment, so I would like to give you this
    special list of the other timeless R&B masterworks that Motown
    and UMG needs to check up on, and on this request I will present
    some of the classics from this groundbreaking period from music
    history. They include other classic titles by Diana Ross And The
    Supremes: A Bit Of Liverpool (1964), the band’s honoured tribute
    to The British Invasion, as well as More Hits By The Supremes,
    The Supremes At The Copa (Both 1965), I Hear A Symphony,
    The Supremes A ‘Go-Go (Both 1966), Reflections, The Supremes
    Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland (Both 1967), the thought-provoking
    socially-conscious Love Child (1968), Cream Of The Crop (1969)
    and even the superb duet album they made with The Temptations
    titled T.B.A. (Also 1969). Plus, they can make a check with two
    blockbuster albums by Diana herself, they are Ain’t No Mountain
    High Enough (1970) and The Boss! (1979). But there is more to
    choose from. They can check on a set of great titles by Smokey
    Robinson And The Miracles: Hi, We’re The Miracles (1961), The
    Fabulous Miracles, The Miracles Doin’ Mickey’s Monkey (Both
    1963), Going To A ‘Go-Go (1965), Away We A ‘Go-Go (1966),
    Smokey Robinson And The Miracles Live (1969), Tears Of A
    Clown (1970) and One Dozen Roses (1971). Plus, you can also
    check with several classic solo hits by Smokey himself, as they
    include A Quiet Storm (1975), Where There’s Smoke… (1979),
    Warm Thoughts (1980) and Being With You (1981). Also on the
    special list are Martha Reeves And The Vandalas, which include
    Heat Wave (1963), Dance Party (1964), Nowhere To Run (1966),
    Watchout! (1966) and Sugar ‘N’ Spice (1969). Well this should
    conclude the special request for now, even though not all of the
    albums from the golden age will recieve the deluxe edition midas
    touch, but there is a possibility that a majority on this list will
    get the deluxe treatment by Motown and the UMG, so what you
    can do is hope that an agreement is made on giving these works
    of art the deluxe edition treatment, which fully deserves with just
    and special honour.


  37. Richard Adam Hendricks23/03/2012 at 9:29 pm

    Are you thinking of adding a good number of classic jazz titles in The Deluxe
    Edition Series? Well, I just happen to have a plentiful list of great jazz titles
    from the 1950’s to the 1970’s that we think might become the likelyhood with
    getting the red carpet treatment from The Deluxe Edition Series. So here are
    the good number of titles that deserve to get The Deluxe Edition check-up by
    the UMG re-issue team and Verve Records.
    They include two Count Basie titles: The Count Basie Dance Bands (1952)
    and The Band Of Destinction (1956). A Classic masterpiece by Chris Barber
    and his band titled New Orleans Joys (1954), which also includes a stirring
    reindition of Rock Island Line by Lonnie Donegan (who was a member of his
    band at the time). Cannonball Enroute (1957) from Cannonball Adderley. A
    couple grand recital live albums from Oscar Peterson and George Shearing:
    they are An Evening With Oscar Peterson (1952) and An Evening WIth The
    George Shearing Quintet (1954). Several fantastic classic jam sessions by
    Dizzy Gillespie a couple duet hits with Roy Eldridge entitled Trumpet Kings
    (1955) and Trumpet Battle (1954), as well as Dizzy Gillespie Jam Sessions
    (1957) and even a live classic from 1961 titled Carnegie Hall Concert. Then
    we have several Gerry Mulligan titles like a great duet album he released in
    1961 with Johnny Hodges titled Gerry Mulligan Meets Johnny Hodges; Live
    At The Village Vanguard, which he released in 1961 with his Concert Jazz
    Band that same year. And how about Live In New Orleans (1968)? Oh yes,
    their is a deluxe edition of Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster (1960) which
    was re-issued in it’s deluxe format in 1998. Then we have a couple Max
    Roach titles: Max Roach Plus 4 At The Newport Jazz Festival and The Max
    Roach Plus 4 On The Chicago Scene (Both 1958). Four classy trio titles
    from Ramsey Lewis: The Ramsey Lewis Trio At The Bohemian Caverns
    (1964), The In-Crowd (1965), Wade On The Water (1966) and Dancing In
    The Streets (1967). And four Chuck Mangione titles that deserve to get a
    makeover by the Deluxe Edition series: they include Friends And Love–A
    Chuck Mangione Concert (1970), Bellavia (1975), Main Squeeze (1976) as
    well as An Evening With Chuck Mangione (1978). A Couple Jimmy Smith
    titles: the tim-honoured live album Live In Europe (1965) and Jimmy Smith
    At At The Lowry Organ (1973). And finally, another celebrated live album
    by Stan Getz, entitled Dynasty, which came out in 1971.
    Now that I was eligable to give you this impressive list of jazz classics,
    I bet you their will be a great deal of involvement from the Verve production
    label. So let us hope that there is an approval for these timeless works of
    art, and that they finally get the midas touch from the Deluxe Edition Series
    from Verve and The UMG re-issue team. Once again, I would like to wish
    all of them the best of luck–because they certainly deserve plenty of it.


  38. Richard Adam Hendricks11/07/2014 at 9:37 pm

    Have I got a special world class list for you. What you are about to see
    are a few jazz classics by two legendary international gentlemen of jazz
    that are likely to get the Universal Deluxe Edtition treatment. They are
    Hugh Masekela and Sergio Mendes.

    Beginning with South Africa’s own Masekela’s great works, the albums
    we believe are likely to receive the deluxe edition seal of approval are:
    Trumpet Africa (1962), The Americanization Of Ooga Booga (1964),
    Promise Of A Future (1967), Lasting Impressions Of Hugh Masekela–
    which might inlcude the Top Ten landmark hit classic Grazing In The
    Grass, Hugh Masekela’s Latest (Both 1968), Alive At The Whiskey A
    Go-Go (1969), Reconstruction (1970), And The Union Of South Africa
    (1972), Home Is Where The Music Is (1972), the disco-flavouredThe
    Boys Doin’ It, Colonial Man (1976) and Doctor Bill.
    For Brazil’s Sergio Mendes: the classic titles that are likely to receive
    the Deluxe Edition seal of approval include: Dance Moderno (1961),
    Sergio Mendes And Bossa Rio (1962), the highly acclaimed Bossa
    Nova York (1964), Sergio Mendes And Brasil 66 (1966)–selected as
    the Best Album Of 1966, Equinox (1967), Look Around (1968), the
    uplifting classic Crystal Illusions (1969), Ye-Le-Me, Live At Expo ’70
    (Both 1970), Stillness, Pais Tropicale (Both 1971), In Concert (1973),
    Sergio Mendes And Brasil ’77 (1977) and Sergio Mendes (1983)–it
    includes the Top Ten pop classic I’ll Never Let You Go.
    Well now that I have given you this special list of classic albums by
    Hugh Masekela and Sergio Mendes, the ones that could get a just
    likely chance to be re-issued in their complete deluxe formats, let’s
    hope that their is another seal of approval from Universal Music’s
    Deluxe Edition re-issue department, which would finally give those
    timeless jazz classics by the two jazz giants the brighter and more
    spectacular least on life. It is likely that a healthy majority of them
    will finally pass the Deluxe Edition test (or maybe all of them), let’s
    give them a bigger chance to see if they all get the Deluxe Edition
    treatment that they truly deserve.


  39. Richard Adam Hendricks19/11/2014 at 8:30 pm

    Here are another set of great rock classics that needs
    to get the Deluxe Edition Treatment, and they include:
    Elvis Costello’s Trust (1981), Another Ticket from Eric
    Clapton and several masterpieces by Bryan Adams–
    Bryan Adams (1980)–the debut classic, Cuts Like A
    Knife (1983), Waking Up The Neighbours (1991) and
    his crowning achievement Reckless (1984).


  40. Richard Adam Hendricks19/11/2014 at 8:51 pm

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention several other great
    rock classics along with the other masterpieces
    as listed above. They are: Get Happy!!! (1980)
    by Elvis Costello and even Melissa Etheridge’s
    crowning achievement Yes I Am (1993). I also
    want to remind you that The Beatles’ first album
    The Beatles Featuring Tony Sheridan from 1960
    have already been re-mastered in it’s complete
    2-CD deluxe edition (The Beatles’ First would be
    released in 1961) by both Time Life Music and
    Polydor Records, so you may want to check into
    it. And Ocean Colour Scene’s highly praised CD
    Mosely Shoals from 1996 have even gotten the
    Deluxe Edition treatment as well.


  41. Richard Adam Hendricks22/11/2014 at 8:31 pm

    Have I got another spectacular list of great classic
    albums for you to include in the Deluxe Editions Series,
    and it again comes directly from the vaults of Motown!
    Yes, it is official. I have the other half of Hitsville, USA’s
    timeless masterworks from the 1960’s and 1970’s–this
    time by Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Junior Walker
    And The All-Stars, Gladys Knight And The Pips, Edwin
    Starr, Mary Wells (Motown’s first R&B star) and even
    The Commodores. We do know that an entire majority
    of these R&B classics will stand the likelihood of being
    an important part of UMG’s Deluxe Edition Series, I am
    going to present them to you one musician or band at
    a time the second time around.
    From Marvin Gaye, his titles include the sophisticated
    debut album The Moods Of Marvin Gaye (1961), That
    Stubborn Kinda Fellow, Recorded Live On Stage (Both
    1963), Hello Broadway (1964), How Sweet It Is (1965),
    The Moods Of Marvin Gaye (1966), “M.P.G.” (1969) as
    well as three classy duet albums he made with Tammi
    Terrell–United (1967), You’re All I Need (1968) and
    Easy (1969). Oh yes, his 1968 counterculture classic I
    Heard It Through The Grapevine have been mentioned
    on this website).
    From Mary Wells: they include The One Who Really
    Loves You (1962), Two Lovers And Other Great Hits,
    Recorded Live On Stage (Both 1963) and even Mary
    Wells Sings My Guy (1964).
    From The Temptations: there titles includes Meet The
    Temptations (1964), The Temptin’ Temptations (1965),
    Getting Ready (1966), The Temptations With A Lot O’
    Soul, The Temptations Live! (Both 1967), Wish It Would
    Rain (1968), Cloud Nine (1969), Psychedelic Shack
    (1970), The Sky’s The Limit (1971)–which includes the
    romantic Top Ten R&B smash hit Just My Imagination
    (Running Away With Me), the social empowering All
    Directions (1972), Masterpiece (1973), House Party
    (1975), The Temptations Do The Temptations (1976),
    Reunion (1982) and Surface Thrills (1983).
    Oh yes, let’s not forget Jimmy Ruffin classic albums he
    made for Motown (and who was a band member of The
    Temptations) as they include: Jimmy Ruffin Sings The
    Top Ten, The Jimmy Ruffin Way (Both 1967), Ruff ‘N’
    Ready (1969) and Jimmy Ruffin…Forever (1973).
    From The Four Tops: there titles include The Four Tops
    (1964), Four Tops’ Second Album (1965), On Top, Four
    Tops Live (Both 1966), Reach Out (1967), Yesterday’s
    Dreams (1968), The Four Tops Now! (1969), Changing
    Times, Still Waters Run Deep (Both 1970), another duet
    classic they made with The Supremes titled Dynamite!
    (1971), Nature Planned It (1972) and Back Where I
    Belong (1983). Oh yes, you may want to check out on
    several albums they made for ABC- Dunhill Records–
    Keeper Of The Castle (1972)–it includes the Top Ten
    R&B hit Ain’t No Woman Like The One I Got, as well as
    Main Street People (1973) and Live & In Concert (1974),
    which are certainly worth a notable try.
    From Junior Walker And The All-Stars: the titles include
    Shotgun (1965), Soul Sessions (1966), Road Runner,
    “Live” (Both 1967), Home Cookin’, Gotta Hold On To
    This Feeling (Both 1969), A Gassssssssss! (1970),
    Rainbow Funk (1971), Peace And Understanding Are
    Hard To Find (1973), Hot Shot (1976) and Blow The
    House Down (1979). Oh yes, Whopper Bopper Show
    Stopper have even been mentioned on this website.
    Who could still remember Junior Walker’s explosive
    saxophone artistry as he made the instrument shout
    with high rocking velocity and innovative style.
    From Gladys Knight And The Pips: there titles include
    Everybody Needs Love (1967), Silk “n” Soul (1968),
    The Nitty Gritty (1969), the still passionate If I Were
    You’re Woman (1971), Standing Ovation (1972) and
    Neither One Of Us (1973).
    From Edwin Starr: they include Soul Master (1968),
    25 Miles (1969), the thought-provoking War And
    Peace (1970), Involved (1971)–another r&b hit from
    the Counterculture Era, Hell Up In Harlem (1974),
    Happy Radio (1979) and Stronger Than You Think I
    Am (Both 1979). His classic albums could stand to
    be given a check-up from the Deluxe Edition team.
    And finally, from The Commodores: their album titles
    include Machine Gun (1974)–a riveting and highly
    captivating debut classic, Caught In The Act (1975),
    Hot On The Tracks (1976), Zoom (1977)–the official
    UK title from Commodores, which we believe suits
    the album quite well, Natural High (1978), the band’s
    blockbuster crowning achievement Midnight Magic
    (1979), Heroes (1980), In The Pocket (1981),
    Commodores 13 (1983), Nightshift (1985) and even
    United (1986).
    Well this concludes this long highly rewarding list of
    classic albums and masterpieces from the Motown
    legacy, and with unissued material, non-album RPM
    singles, rare material and live unissued tracks, let us
    hope that they finally see the light of day in their own
    Deluxe Editions, brought to us by Motown Records–
    as well as the re-issue departments of The Universal
    Music Group and Hip-O Records. Though it will take
    years to finally get this spectacular job done, I would
    like to wish the Deluxe Edition Series department as
    well as this proud website the best of luck on giving
    this other half of this timeless music legacy the world
    class Deluxe Edition lease on life that they deserve,
    as do the first half of the time-honoured set of other
    titles from the Motown vaults as officially mentioned
    way above on this website. So here is another great
    digital-backed achievement that will make Motown
    and it’s timeless legacy very proud. So once again,
    good luck on the re-issuing program for Motown’s
    greatest works in deluxe form.


  42. Richard Adam Hendricks31/07/2015 at 7:56 pm

    As we continue to make outstanding strides in re-issuing
    classic albums in deluxe formats, I would like to take the time
    and official privilege to present to you a time-honoured list
    of timeless albums by The Kingston Trio, and how a healthy
    majority of their albums might stand the chance of becoming
    reissued as “Deluxe Editions”.
    Though some people may find this to be a far-fetch idea,
    there may be true speculation that these classic folk albums
    that this magnificent folk band recorded for Capitol Records
    from 1958 to 1964 might indeed face the likelihood of seeing
    the light of day the second time around when they become a
    crucial part of the Deluxe Edition Series.
    So with the unissued material, hit singles related to these
    albums, a set of discussions, alternate takes and other form of
    material that were long left out of from them, here is the long
    awaited list of their classic folk albums that we believe are just
    as likely to get the Deluxe Edition treatment from Capitol and
    EMI Records, as well as the Universal Music Group to say the
    least. And Here They Are!
    The Kingston Trio (1958); …From The Hungry I (Both 1958);
    The Kingston Trio At Large; Here We Go Again (Both 1959);
    Sold Out; String Along (Both 1960); Make Way; the superb
    Going Places (Both 1961); College Concert (now this one will
    likely become an even more mesmerizing live masterpiece
    if it gets digitally-remastered in it’s complete deluxe format);
    Something Special; New Frontier (All 1962); The Kingston
    Trio #16; Sunny Side!; the eclectic Think Of One (All 1963);
    Back In Town and ‘even The Kingston Trio (Nick Bob John)
    (Both 1964).
    There is a slight chance that a full majority of them could
    be digitally-remastered in their deluxe formats and become
    another proud part of the Deluxe Edition Series, we do want
    to suggest to Capitol Records, as well as EMI and UMG that
    they may want to remaster each track from each album in an
    extended version, which will give each song a more rich and
    realistic approach without spoiling the music’s originality.
    Oh yes, for their several albums they recorded for Decca
    between 1965 and 1966, I would also like to suggest that they
    choose both Stay Awhile (1965) and the heartfelt Children In
    The Morning (1966) to become part of the Deluxe Edition
    series later on in life.
    Now here is something that the remaining band members
    of The Kingston Trio and their friends or loved ones will be
    extremely proud of. So once again, let us all hope that there
    is an honourable seal of approval in getting these classic folk
    albums by The Kingston Trio listed here re-issued as Deluxe
    Editions (and in extended form, which will truly be music to everybody’s ears. Thank you again for reading this aspiring
    message from me and be sure to keep your fingers crossed.


  43. Richard Adam Hendricks14/11/2015 at 9:54 pm

    I have hear a superlative list of classic rock albums
    by Rush and Kiss that we believe needs to be digitally
    remastered in their Deluxe Edition format, and I like
    present some of them that truly deserves to become a
    part of the growing legion of classic albums that have
    gotten the Deluxe Edition treatment. Mainly because
    their albums might contain plenty of demos, outtakes
    that are worth a solid listen, a discussion or two and a
    few live outtakes.

    For the Rush catalogue, the titles include:
    1. Rush (1974) “The Landmark Debut Classic”
    2. Fly By Night (1975). “A Spellbinding Hit!”
    3. All The World’s A Stage (1976).
    4. A Farewell To Kings (1977).
    5. Hemispheres (1978). A Defining Moment”
    Two great albums that are part of the band’s
    crowning achievement: they are Permanent
    Waves (1980) and Moving Pictures (1981).
    8. Exit…Stage Left (1981).
    9. Signals (1982). “This one is worth a shot”
    and Grace Under Pressure (1984).
    Oh yes, their 1976 blockbuster 2012, highly
    regarded as their finest hour, have already
    got The Deluxe Edition Treatment. They
    also put out a superb bootleg album, titled
    Northern Lights, which came out in 1989.

    For the Kiss catalogue: they include:
    1. Kiss (1974). ‘Their first step to celebrite’
    2. Hotter Than Hell (Also from 1974)
    3. Dressed To Kill (1975).
    9. Rock And Roll Over (1976).
    10. Destroyer (Also from 1976).
    Three snappy first-time solo albums from
    Gene Simmons, Ace Frehly, Peter Criss and
    Paul Stanley, which came out in 1978. They
    too could stand to get a special check-up by
    The Deluxe Edition Series.
    11. Dynasty (1979). “Quite A Towering Hit”
    12. Unmasked (1980). “A Step into the 1980’s”
    13. Music From “The Elder” (1981).
    14. Creatures In The Night (1982).
    15. Lick It Up (1983). “The Japanese Album
    Cover would suit the edition quite well”
    and Animalize (1984).
    Oh yes, their compelling 1977 classic album
    Love Gun already got the Deluxe Edition in
    2014, where the other half includes live cuts
    and a 1977 interview with Gene Simmons.

    So this concludes this time-honoured request
    of these timeless classics from both the Rush
    and Kiss catalogues that needs to be a part of
    the Deluxe Edition Series. Now let’s give the
    two rock titans’ classic 1974-87 albums listed
    above the Deluxe Edition piece o’ mind they
    truly deserve.


  44. Richard Adam Hendricks14/11/2015 at 10:11 pm

    Does anybody remember the great British rock and
    roll band Dr. Feelgood? They were a phenomenal
    and influential rock band who introduced the music
    world the Pub Rock circuit in the early-1970’s, which
    also influenced the British Punk-Rock Movement in
    the late-1970’s and early-1980’s. I would like to give
    you a list of some of their classic albums (1975-1981),
    which are part of The EMI Music Library.

    They include: Malpractice (1975).
    Stupidity (1976). “Their first live album”
    Sneakin’ Suspicions (1977). “Their Masterpiece”
    Be Seeing You (Also from 1977).
    The highly versatile Private Practice (1978).
    As It Happens (1979).
    A Case Of The Shakes (1980).
    and a couple superb classic albums that they
    released in 1981: and they are Let It Roll and
    the winning live classic On The Job.
    Oh yes, their highly acclaimed debut album
    Down By The Jetty, which came out in 1974
    to international acclaim, have already been
    remastered in it’s Deluxe Edition format and
    should be selected as the crucial part for the
    Deluxe Edition Series.

    Once again, this concludes the proud number
    of Deluxe Edition requests that I had given to
    you, and let us hope that these classic albums
    from the proud Dr. Feelgood catalogue finally
    gets the Deluxe Edition treatment that they
    wholeheartedly deserve sooner or later from


  45. Richard Adam Hendricks10/05/2016 at 9:54 pm

    With EMI and Capitol Records, in association with The Universal Music Group, about the celebrate The Beach Boys’s crowning achievement Pet Sounds in it’s 50th Anniversary comprehensive deluxe edition, I would like to take the time out by giving you a list classic albums by the band that we believe need to be digitally
    remastered in there deluxe edition formats.

    So here are the titles that are likely to become Deluxe Editions in their own right and they will include: Surfin’ Safari (1962), Little
    Deuce Cup (1963), All Summer Long, The Beach Boys Concert
    (both 1964), The Beach Boys Today and the highly praised Summer Days, Summer Nights (both 1965), Wild Honey (1967),
    “20/20” (1969), Sunflower (1970), the masterful Surf’s Up! (1971), Live In London (1972), Holland, Carl And The Passions–So Tough (Both 1973), The Beach Boys Love You (1977), the well-received M.I.U. Album (1978) and Keepin’ The Summer Alive (1981). Oh yes, Smile, which also came out in 1967, also came out recently as a Deluxe Edition, and for there other albums the band made for Reprise Records from 1970 to 1973, we don’t know if they belong to Rhino Records or EMI.- Capitol, but they may be worth becoming Deluxe Editions.
    Now that I have given you this time-honoured list, let us hope that these classic works from The Beach Boys finally get the
    Deluxe Edition treatment that they truly deserve, and that is something that the band itself would be proud of. So let’s all
    keep our fingers crossed!


  46. Richard Adam Hendricks21/05/2016 at 7:35 pm

    Hello, it’s me again. I just heard that Virgin Records, with the participation from the Universal Music Group, have just gave several early classic titles by Lenny Kravitz the Deluxe Edition treatment, as they include Let Love Rule (1989), the masterful Mama Said (1991) and Are You Gonna Go My Way (1993).
    However, I would also like to recommend that you check out if his award-winning masterpiece “5”, which came out in 1998 to international acclaim, needs to be reissued as a Deluxe Edition, even though a check up like this one is worth a try.
    Oh yes, the same kind of treatment was given to a couple early rock masterworks by The Stereophonics, where the include the highly publicized debut breakthrough hit Word Gets Around (1997) and Performances And Cocktails (1999). This is just yet another well-deserved reminder that these realistic rock and roll masterworks from Lenny Kravitz and The Stereophonics have just already been reissued and should be well included in the Deluxe Edition Series. You can also check on The Stereophonics’ You Gotta Go There To Come Back to see if that too needs to be part of The Deluxe Edition Series.
    Speaking of those two versatile rock heroes that I mentioned here, did you know that they also made a few highly successful bootleg albums? I just found out a while back that they did, and even though many of them will not become part of the Deluxe Edition Series, I like to give you a special list of them to let the fans of both Lenny Kravitz and The Stereophonics know about this.
    For Kravitz, the list include Garden For Us and U.K. Live (Both 1990), Fields Of Joy (1991), Let Lenny Ride (1994), Circus (1995) and Getting There (1996). And for The Stereophonics, they would release two excellent bootleg CD’s in the early-2000’s, they are Electric Theatre (2000) and Live At The Metro (2002). The reason why I wanted to get the message out on these great bootleg classics from Kravtiz and The Stereophonics as that they happen to be a key part in the two rock icons’ discography and they should get the same complete recognition as their classic albums got, which will make their fans or admirers (like myself) even more satisfied when they hear this special news.
    For the Deluxe Editions given to Let Love Rule, Mama Said and Are You Gonna Go My Way by Kravitz, as well as Word Gets Around and Performances And Cocktails by The Stereophonics, both Island Records and V-2 Records have done a rewarding job of giving those great masterworks the Deluxe Edition treatment that they truly deserved and we thanked them for it.
    P.S.: Oh yes, don’t be surprised if several of these great bootleg titles, notably U.K. Live (Lenny Kravitz), Electric Theatre and Live At The Metro (The Stereophonics), get the Deluxe Edition treatment if they are completely recognized and reissued to a wider public.


  47. Richard Adam Hendricks29/07/2017 at 6:21 pm

    Well, long time no see. And how is this proud highly respected website dedicated doing? Hope you are doing quite well. So are you
    familiar with The Pointer Sisters and Heart? Well I just happen to
    have a few classic titles by each of the legendary bands for which
    we believe could stand for a well given check-up by the Universal
    Music Group’s Deluxe Edition Series and here they are.
    For The Pointer Sisters, they include several classic R&B albums
    that they made for ABC Records’ Blue Thumb Imprint between 1973
    and 1976, and here they include: Live At The Opera House (1974),
    Steppin’ (1975) and the fascinating Having A Party (1977).
    And For Heart, which is highly regarded as one of the greatest
    and most revered rock bands in history, there classic works they
    recorded for Capitol Records include the ambitious debut classic
    Dreamboat Annie (1975), the 1976 bootleg classic Heart, as well
    as Heart (from 1985 and even Bad Animals. So if you would like
    to know where I heard of this bootleg self-titled hit, I heard
    about it from some music publication and it seems to be right.
    So when you choose any of the band’s Capitol sessions that will
    likely be included in The Deluxe Edition Series, make sure that
    you look into this bootleg classic from the 1970’s to see if it
    needs to get the Deluxe Edition treatment or finally come out as
    a single major-reissued stroke of genius, and that is something
    that will be music to the ears of the band’s fans of admirers-
    or admirers of rock and roll.
    Well now that I have given you this special list, let us hope
    that Decca and Capitol Records finally give these masterpieces
    by The Pointer Sisters and Heart the Deluxe Edition check-up
    that they truly deserve. Also we like to see those two great
    bands become highly influential role models for aspiring young
    female rock or R&B bands who are looking for a long and highly
    successful music career, in which the music by both The Pointer
    Sisters and Heart still has feminists and rock-R&B connoisseurs cheering.
    who are looking


  48. Richard Adam Hendricks29/07/2017 at 6:43 pm

    This year, I just heard that EMI- Parlophone have just
    reissued The Beatles’ groundbreaking crowning achievement
    Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in it’s own Deluxe
    Edition, which is also meant to celebrate this album’s
    50th Anniversay, and their is also speculation that both
    EMI- Parlophone and UMG might give Abbey Road (1969) the
    same Deluxe Edition royal treatment as well. However, I
    do happen to have yet another special list of the band’s
    highly praised masterpieces that we believe could stand
    the chance of receiving a Deluxe Edition check-up from
    EMI- Parlophone and the Universal Music Group.
    The list includes: Beatles For Sale (1963), A Hard Day’s
    Night (1964), Rubber Soul (1965) and Revolver (1966).
    Also on the list are some solo masterpieces released
    by John Lennon and Ringo Starr. From John Lennon, they
    are: John Lennon/ Plastic Ono Band (1970), Mind Games
    (1973), the uplifting Walls And Bridges (1974), Rock ‘N’
    Roll (1975) and Milk And Honey (1984).
    From Ringo Starr, they include: Sentimental Journey and
    Beaucoups Of Blues from 1970, his landmark crowning
    achievement Ringo from 1973 (this one is even recognized
    as “Officially Timeless”), Ringo’s Rotogravure (1976),
    Ringto The 4th (1977), Bad Boy (1978) and even Stop And
    Smell The Roses).
    Now that I have given you this list, let us hope that
    there is an agreement made by Parlophone and UMG.


  49. Richard Adam Hendricks01/08/2017 at 7:58 pm

    Does anybody still remember Pat Travers and Randy Bachman?
    Well I just happen to have a special list of classic albums from
    those deeply fascinating Canadian rock guitar masters we believe
    need to get the Deluxe Edition treatment from the Universal Music
    Group, for which a full majority of them are likely to become
    remastered in their deluxe format. And here they are:
    For Bachman-Turner Overdrive, which electrified the rock scene
    and the music world in the 1970’s which Randy even co-headed in
    stunning vitality and sheer attitude, the list of titles include
    Bachman-Turner Overdrive, the self-titled debut hit from 1972;
    the breakthrough international commercial hit Bachman-Tunrer
    Overdrive II (1973), the riveting masterpiece Not Fragile (1974),
    Four Wheel Drive (1975), Head On (1977), Freeways (1977), the
    live masterwork B.T.O. Live – Japan Tour (Also from 1977), now
    here is another ambitious live classic that definitely needs to
    be digitally-remastered in it’s complete deluxe format, one that
    is likely to fit on between 2 to 4 CD’s; Street Action (197) and
    Rock n’ Roll Nights (1979).
    And from The Pat Travers Band, who is hailed as one of the finest
    and most highly versatile rock guitarists in music history, the
    list of classic albums he made for Polydor Records includes Pat
    Travers (1976), the self-titled debut classic; Makin’ Magic,
    Putting It Straight (Both 1977), Heat In The Night (1978), the
    dazzling live classic Live! Go For What You Know (1979), Crash
    And Burn (1980), Radio Active (1981), Black Pearl (1982), as well
    as Hot Shot (1984).
    Not bad for a special listing. Even though a solid majority of
    them will likely make the cut to be fully included on The Deluxe
    Edition Series, we want to make sure that there is another full-
    fledged agreement from UNG’s reissue department that will give
    those supercharged masterworks the light of day in deluxe form,
    and once again, I like to wish those in the reissue department
    a good deal of luck, because they truly deserve it.


  50. Richard Adam Hendricks01/08/2017 at 8:21 pm

    Have I got a time-honored list of classic albums that deserves to be
    part of the Deluxe Edition Series that I want to present to you. It
    consists of first rate classic albums made by The Righteous Brothers
    and The Impressions, whose works may stand the likelihood of getting
    the Deluxe Edition treatment. Though it is likely that many of them
    are likely to be reissued in deluxe formats, I would like to take the
    time by bringing you on this website a spate of classic albums which
    are likely to get the Deluxe Edition treatment from Universal Music
    Group, so here they are.
    From The Righteous Brothers, they include: Right Now (1963), Some
    Blue-Eyed Soul (1964), the breakthrough classic You’ve Lost That
    Lovin’ Feelin’, Just Once In My Life (Both 1965), the thoroughly
    uplifting stroke of genius Soul And Inspiration, Go Ahead And Cry
    (Both 1966), Sayin’ Something, Souled Out (Both 1967), One For The
    Road (1968), Back To Back and Re-Birth (Both 1969).
    And for The Impressions, they include: The Impressions (1963), The
    Never Ending Impressions, Keep On Pushing (Both 1964), the truly
    uplifting call to action stroke of genius People Get Ready, One By
    One(Both 1965), Ridin’ High (1967), The Fabulous Impressions (1967),
    the counterculture classic We’re A Winner, This Is My Country (Both
    1968), The Versatile Impressions and The Young Mods’ Forgotten
    Story (Both 1969).
    Well, I believe this just about wrap things up. So now that I had
    given you this set of classic albums from the two pied pipers from
    The Swinging Sixties, let us hope that sooner or later, a highly-
    structured agreement is made to bring these terrific classic works
    of art into the Deluxe Edition Series’ growing library by Polydor, Decca and, of course. And we would like to wish them the best of
    luck on this next assignment in UMG’s reissue department, because
    they definitely deserve it.
    Universal Music Group

    In My Life (Both 1965),


  51. Richard Adam Hendricks01/08/2017 at 8:25 pm

    Correction, Ridin’ High by The Impressions was
    released in 1966.


  52. Richard Adam Hendricks30/09/2017 at 8:09 pm

    Have I got another time-honoured list of classic
    rock and R&B albums that I would like to present
    to you. So what will turn out to be a surprise to
    some, but you will find them to be a timeless and
    truly unforgettable list of a few ground-breaking
    legends who’s memorable albums could stand to get
    a special check-up from the Deluxe Edition Series.

    First up is The Platters. I have here on this list
    are many of their classic albums they recorded for
    Mercury Records from 1953 to 1964. The reason why
    I included them is that they could in fact have a
    highly demand wealth of previously unissued tracks,
    bonus material, band band discussions and even few
    surprises that need to see the long-awaited light
    of day. So keep in mind, they are original albums
    that they recorded for Mercury and here they are:
    1. The Platters (1953), 2. The Platters, Volume Two
    (1954), 3. The Magic Touch (Also 1954), 4. Only You
    (1955), 5. The Great Pretender (1956), 6. Flying
    Platters (1957), 7. Twilight Time (1958), 8. Flying
    Platters Around The World (1959), 9. Remember When
    (Also 1959), 10. Reflections (1960), 11. Life Is Just
    A Bowl Of Cherries (Also 1960), 12. Pledging My Love
    (1961), 13. Encore Of Broadway Golden Hits — there
    tuneful tribute to The Great White Way (Also 1961),
    14. Songs For The Lonely (1962), 15. Moonlight
    Memories (1963), 16. The Platters Sing Latino–there
    golden homage to Latin American popular song (1963),
    Moonlight Memories (Also 1963), and (17) Encore Of
    Golden Hits By The Groups (1964).
    Though these gifted albums by The Platters may come
    out as either both single expanded editions or Deluxe
    Editions, they are one of the great R&B legends from
    the 1950’s and 1960’s to have their timeless sessions
    get the kind of check-up that they truly deserve. But
    if that happens, then the speed rate for each track
    needs to be remastered in flawless expanded format.

    Next up are Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons works
    they made for Philips Records. So here is a list of
    many of their classic albums that we believe need to
    get the Deluxe Edition check-up to see if they could
    either be remastered in their Deluxe Edition format,
    mainly because unissued material, bonus material and
    band discussion may be included.
    And the list includes: 1. Dawn And Other Great Hits
    (1964), 2. Rag Doll (Also 1964), 3. The Four Seasons
    Entertain You (1965), 4. Recorded Live In Person-now
    here is a live performance that is sure to meet the
    Deluxe Edition standard (Also 1965), 5. Working My
    Way Back To You (1966), 6. Gold Vault (Also 1966),
    7. Big Hits By Bacharach, David And Dylan (1965),
    8. Looking Back (1967), 9. New Gold Hits (Also 1967),
    10. Edizone D’Oro (1968), and 12. Genuine Imitation
    Of Life (1969). Plus, there are Frankie Valli’s solo
    classics he made for Philips (1967-71), in which they
    include Frankie Valli – Solo (1967), Timeless (1968)
    and even Inside You (1971).

    So this just about adds up to this special list from
    these wonderful vocal groups, and let us hope that a
    full-fledged agreement is made to have their classic
    albums get the Deluxe Edition check-up. Now we don’t
    know how many of them will be digitally-remastered
    in their Deluxe Editions, but it will be likely that
    that a full majority of them will meet this standard
    and become a part of The Deluxe Edition Series. Once
    again, I like to wish the reissue department a good
    amount of luck on making this upcoming research from
    The Platters and Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons
    quite possible.


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