Too Risky

I have been eyeing this collection ever since it was released in December of 2015 and managed to get hold of it at a decent price today (Euro 1.52 per CD). I will probably kick myself further down the timeline when this set appears even cheaper, but my instincts tell me that this might perhaps not be the case with this splendid Alfred Brendel boxed set. It’s the trap we collectors and music lovers often find ourselves in. The music is just too great to risk not getting a copy when the set finally goes out of print or is thrown into the marketplace arena where it is left to the whim of indiscriminate capitalists.

The box duplicates quite a bit of the Brendel’s recordings I already have (and will probably have to sell at a loss), but Alfred Brendel is simply my favorite pianist (although for other people he simply ain’t). It’s not complete, of course (“Complete Recordings” hardly ever are), but it should tie me over until my departure from this earth.

P.S.: I also managed to get hold of a very cheap (mint) copy of “Fritz Reiner – The Complete Chicago Symphony Recordings (63 CDs)” which will duplicate a lot of what I already own (and don’t really want to sell because most of that is part of other boxed sets), but Reiner and the CSO just sounded spectacular most of the time, so … a must-have for me.

Update: One week later, discounted the Brendel boxed set by 33%, bringing the price down to around 130 Euro. So much for my attempt at being right for once. I kept my more expensive box anyway, simply because it turned out to be pristine copy, a rare thing nowadays with packaging becoming increasingly more shoddy.

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