Tons of Sobs

I could never shake the feeling that Free not only walked all over Led Zeppelin but also should have made them “Walk in [Their] Shadow” (excuse the badly constructed pun). In my eyes and to my ears, Free was the superior band in just about every respect but, as history would have it, they never came close to the stratospheric success and longevity that Led Zeppelin enjoyed in many (if not most) circles. On the other hand, the early albums, especially the first four, have remained the better for it. Had Free achieved the same success, I think it might very well have impacted their material negatively and would probably have have lead to an accelerated implosion in light of the unfortunate (relatively speedy) demise of the band, which, again in my eyes and to my ears, occurred with “Free at Last” in 1972.

And, yes, despite the fact that I agree to the statement that “Bad Company” couldn’t hold a candle to Free in many respects, I still love their early material. Take that, Internet!

Note: After the excruciating workload of the past few days, it’s Free and Bad Company day here today, just in case you haven’t noticed. Everyone outside of these four walls can take a hike for all I care. 😉

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