The worst thing that can happen to you as a teacher is that people put images into your head that you simply cannot shake off.
They cannot be “unseen”.

Today, in one of my English lessons, we read the following quote from a text about school uniforms: “He is also reported as saying that Miss Sexy trousers revealed ‘too much flesh’ and that it is ‘hideously embarrassing’ to see ‘flesh and thong hanging out’.

When someone asked about the meaning of that whole paragraph, a paragraph which was more complicated for EFL students than the quote lets on, a male student in the course revealed one of his nightmare experiences: Apparently, at a shop he liked to frequent before said event(s), a guy regularly revealed more than anyone wanted to see whenever he reached down or up to get some product off a shelf. The student described the scene vividly, vividly enough for me to post this brief entry. The rest I leave a) to the title of this post and b) to your imagination.

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