The Treaty of Warsaw

Because it is my dad’s birthday today (Happy birthday!), I thought I’d publish this old photo showing him at work:

“The Treaty of Warsaw (German: Warschauer Vertrag) was a treaty between West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) and the People’s Republic of Poland. It was signed by Chancellor Willy Brandt and Prime Minister Józef Cyrankiewicz at the Presidential Palace on 7 December 1970, and it was ratified by the German Bundestag on 17 May 1972.In the treaty, both sides committed themselves to nonviolence and accepted the existing border—the Oder-Neisse line, imposed on Germany by the Allied powers at the 1945 Potsdam Conference following the end of World War II. […]

The Treaty of Warsaw was an important element of the Ostpolitik, put forward by Chancellor Brandt and supported by his ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany.” (Wikipedia)

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  1. A very historic picture indeed! Happy birthday to your Dad!


    1. Yes, indeed. There is another one – in color – that I have, with a better view of my dad just after the treaty had been signed, but it’s too small to post here.

      P.S.: I did pass your birthday wish on to my dad. 🙂


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