The Silent War

If you were a fan of Wargames (1983) way back when, with intercontinental ballistic missiles zapping across NORAD monitors, V.1 of the Norse Intelligence Platform (although it is a resource hog) should be just up your alley.

The online attack data visualized here are collected from both real targets and so-called “honeypots” (decoy systems), including compromised systems relaying attacks around the globe.

You’ve got to be a bit patient at times until the real attack waves roll across your screen (the one pictured above was one of Chinese origin targeting US servers on a normal weekday after 8 o’clock in the evening local time) and if your screen starts to stutter, you may want to try V.2 (which provides much less eye candy when things start to heat up), but when things really take off, the result is a sight to behold.


One Step Beyond: If you want the live feel of a video game and even more eye candy, you might also want to check out Kapersky’s real-time map.

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