The Maze Runner

I actually liked “The Maze Runner” (film), especially when compared to all this brain-dead blockbuster BS.

I actually thought “The Maze Runner” was, viewed next to the Marvel, Transformers, Noah and whatnot brain-dead blockbuster BS that has been flooding screens these past years, more than a decent film. If nothing else, it got me intrigued, much like the Wool/Shift/Dust trilogy (Silo series) did a year or so ago. It was certainly a pretty grim piece of film-making (with, in many respects, more than decent acting), despite its plot holes and the cliffhanger ending. As the film was based on James Dashner‘s novels, I might even read the follow-up volumes (all of which have already been published) in order not to have to wait for the next films in the series to come out. Yes, it’s YA fiction and the writing is probably below-par, but with the constant regurgitating of predictable story lines everywhere, this one was a breath of fresh air. I liked it.

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