The Drop (2014)

I am so sick and tired of all of these Hollywood crash-boom-bang releases and remakes that it is difficult to put an appropriate swear word to it all. It is only every few months that a film comes along that I actually watch front to back, and then probably again several times because it was so good.

The Drop” (2014) wasn’t only James Gandolfini’s last film, as far as I recall, but it also features Tom Hardy who, in my book, has fast become the best actor of his generation, in fact one of the best actors of any generation. Fast is relative here since Hardy was around as early as 2001 (at least according to my radar), but – boy – is he hitting them out of the ball park again and again. He was fabulous (stunning, actually) in “Locke” (2014) just a few months before and it is fascinating to see how he can subtly peel away layers of a more intricate character in such an astonishingly smooth fashion that I usually sit here, mouth agape. And, believe you me, that doesn’t happen very often.

“The Drop” is an old-fashioned film in the best sense of the word, with character actors shining across the board and with a finely-tuned script, to boot. If you really want to experience good cinema and/or if you want to be reminded of what good cinema should be and can be like, watch this film. You won’t regret it.

P.S.: The American poster sucked (yeah, big surprise), so I cut the top half of the Dutch one for this post.


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