Tangerine Dream Weekend

When Edgar Froese, perhaps Germany’s most prolific musician with more than 100 albums under his belt,  died in January of this year, I had just begun to reacquaint myself with his and Tangerine Dream’s music that had been lying dormant in my collection for all too long. Since January and after the arrival of the various streaming devices and active speaker sets that arrived in my household these past two months, Tangerine Dream has literally been floating back and forth through my apartment. I don’t even have to put anything on repeat because I have so much of their material that it would be enough to get totally spaced out for a month or two. This weekend I am going to concentrate on their earliest two phases, the so-called “Pink Years” (their first label’s logo was a pink ear) and the “Virgin Years”. The latter phase, essentially brought about by John Peel who selected “Atem” (1973) as his personal album of the year and made Virgin prick up their ears and sign the band, kicked off with “Phaedra” which put both the band and Virgin on the global musical map. The rest, as they say, is history.

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