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Array WordPress Themes (& Lenscap).

Mike McAlister: Array Themes & Lenscap

Introduction These past many years, I have bought all too many WordPress themes and I have helped a ton of people set all kinds of WordPress themes up in more or less adequate server environments,

Publish Confirm (WordPress plugin).

Publish Confirm – To the Rescue!

I love WordPress but, despite many improvements, its interface is still pretty damn clunky in many parts. Previewing what you wrote, fixing errors, checking the layout and making sure things are mostly OK before you post something


DesktopServer? Money Well Spent!

Getting things done correctly and quickly No matter what people tell you, moving a WordPress website or, worse, merging and then moving websites is not an easy thing to do. It becomes especially cumbersome if


The Shifting WP Theme Market

It is sad to see that the shifting WordPress theme market has started to push out a large number of incredibly talented people. Following market principles, one could say “good riddance”, but, as is often

Wordpress: Scheduling.


WordPress has this nifty function which allows me to prewrite and then schedule a post for pretty much any second between now and eternity. So, if you are keeping a close eye on things around

WordPress Theme Shops

Only the Best …

After 20 years of publishing (tidbits) on the Internet and helping others do the same, here are the four best WordPress theme shops that I have encountered and that have had the staying power to