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Array WordPress Themes (& Lenscap).

Mike McAlister: Array Themes & Lenscap

Introduction These past many years, I have bought all too many WordPress themes and I have helped a ton of people set all kinds of WordPress themes up in more or less adequate server environments,

Yahoo! logo (adapted).

Weekly Digest #2

If you mention Yahoo! at my place, you’ll probably get at least an empty stare, which usually turns into an aggressive one in a matter of seconds. Yahoo! has always been that unpleasant, terribly ugly and unbearably lofty

Publish Confirm (WordPress plugin).

Publish Confirm – To the Rescue!

I love WordPress but, despite many improvements, its interface is still pretty damn clunky in many parts. Previewing what you wrote, fixing errors, checking the layout and making sure things are mostly OK before you post something

Rebooting deus62.com.

Rebooting One Final Time

Blogging is dead. That’s why I’m still around doing it. I have never really been an early adopter or someone who really liked to follow popular trends. When people were wearing bell-bottoms, I put on



A little while ago, I contacted some of you, waving from over here. If you do/did drop by, remember this. I’m off Facebook (and don’t miss it one bit). I’m posting quick and brief Facebook-like

"The Joys of Blogging" (header).

The Joys of Blogging

[TOC] In the 21st century, the above post title might seem somewhat idiosyncratic. To many, blogging has become either an odd habit of peculiar people or, worst of all, something only done with the sole