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Linea1 b CD shelf (67 CDs).

linea1 b CD shelf

It is a while back that I saw this totally cool-looking CD shelf hanging on a shop wall. That time, I forgot to ask the shop owner what it was. The other day, it suddenly

The Human CD Holder.

Human CD Holders

The other day I ended up on Popgadget, which happens to be a site covering “Personal Tech + Innovative Life Style for Women”. I have no remembrance of how I landed on the site, but

Digital Music Files.

Digital Music Files Suck

Yes, I know, all you young folks swear by them, but digital music files just drive me up the wall. They suck. On the list of things that make my life miserable, digital music files,

Gothic Cabinet Craft LP Rack.

Gothic Cabinet Craft: LP Rack

Sometimes I think I should have kept most of my LPs, which I didn’t, but when that thought crosses my mind, I always remember how much space my old record collection took up. When I

Rosendahl (Denmark) "CD-25" CD holder

Rosendahl CD-25 Chrome

I think that it is a good idea to have a smaller CD-holder close to your stereo so that you don’t have to act the long-distance runner every time you want to put on a

IKEA "Benno" CD and DVD storage system

IKEA Benno gives more head

When I have a look at my site statistics (and to be quite honest, I rarely do that), I notice that my short description of using the IKEA Ivar system to store my CDs is