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Revisiting Windows 10 (header).

Revisiting Windows 10

My first two encounters with Windows 10 were a complete disaster. Ages ago, this American student at our school used to yell “P*ss! F*ck! Sh*t!” whenever he got overly agitated and when I was confronted

Adobe Creative Cloud (logo).

The Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Is Not for Many Teachers

When Adobe decided to move all of its products into a cloud-based system, I understood what they were doing. It was a move that effectively killed a lot of product piracy surrounding just about every

WinCatalog (2016).


As storage media grow in size, so does the number of files stored on them and, if you back up your precious data regularly, as you should, it won’t take long until you have a

Microsoft Word: Die!

I don’t know if there is actually anyone left on this planet who actually still likes Microsoft Word, besides the odd kid, of course, that likes to color in each letter of a word set

"Terabyte Blues" (bits and bytes)

Terabyte Blues

“A Terabyte Ain’t Enough! Notes from the Sidelines of Digitization Hell” There is still life in these old bones and while they were plunked down in front of a shiny new 1 terabyte PC, they

Brian: Discography Compilation Software.

Brian 4

Most cataloging and archiving applications available today are really good at helping you fill out a million data fields, automatically look up a CD on the Internet or download covers. But they have one big