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The map (see post) still exists.

25 Years (Part I) – Takeoff!

When I started working at my school in August of 1994, my intention was to stay for a few years and move on. I don’t really know what happened, but exactly 25 years later, I’m

One of our annual wine tours.

Monthly Digest #3: May 2017

Again, too many weeks have passed between two posts. Not that anyone is demanding any, but still. Life’s just been too busy to sit down for more than 10 minutes to write for this website.

All work and no play ...

Current State

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy …” — For the culturally challenged: reference.

Raspberry Pi logo (copyrighted and trademarked).

“Project Raspberry Pi”

Every two years, we drop ourselves into a “project week” at our school which I, personally, have always enjoyed massively these past 20+ years. Yes, sometimes projects are offered that don’t really speak to me,

2015 Hell Weeks.

Hell Weeks Are Over!

The worst thing about being a teacher is that time of year when 10 and more “final” exams (we don’t really have final exams, but they sure weigh the part) hit your desk at the

Work. Work. Work.

The Man in the Arena

As teachers we have these phases several times a year in which, no matter how well we try to plan them, a trillion tests and exams hit our desks pretty much all at once. Just