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Bill Durst is the shit.

Bill(y) Durst

In my collection, I have these extremely odd sub-categories. One of them is “Blues and Blues Rock Music That Should Be Listened to in Small Clubs at Ear-Splitting Volume“. Plus a liter of Tequila, of

Whitesnake. Come an' Get It (1981).

Whitesnake. Come an’ Get It (Liberty, 1981)

One would think that today I might be embarrassed for listing this release as one of my absolute favorites, but, as you know, I don’t make excuses for whatever rocks my boat. When this was

The Strypes.


The Strypes hit my radar screen a few years ago and have stayed on it, no mean feat in an ever-growing collection. I think it was NME that criticized their second and most recent album,

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Too many CDs.

Bring It On Home

A cover gallery showing most of the pop, blues and jazz music I bought in 2014.

UFO: Walk on Water (1995).

UFO: Walk on Water

The other day I basically ransacked the various online stores I frequent, hunting for special offers. January and February are my busiest shopping months, simply because the various stores do their spring cleaning early, throwing

Status Quo. Live! (Vertigo/Phonogram 1977).

Status Quo

Most people outside of Europe don’t get it and now that I think of it, most people in Europe don’t get it either, but those who do probably feel like members of some sort of