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Bill Durst is the shit.

Bill(y) Durst

In my collection, I have these extremely odd sub-categories. One of them is “Blues and Blues Rock Music That Should Be Listened to in Small Clubs at Ear-Splitting Volume“. Plus a liter of Tequila, of

2016: A Classical Year

My music collecting has slowed down considerably. Actually, at the end of 2016 I had problems reconstructing from various saved receipts what I had actually bought and a number of CDs added to my collection

Santana Live at the House of Blues, 2016.

Into the 70s: Santana IV Live at the House of Blues

Santana was a major force in my musical life in the middle/late 70s. I came late to the game, turned onto their music way after they had left a major splash at Woodstock as well

The Doobie Brothers. Southbound. Sony/Arista, 2014.

In Defense of “Southbound”

The other day – for next to nothing  –  I got myself the Doobie Brothers’ most “recent” album, Southbound (Sony/Arista, 2014). Then I read the reviews around the Net and … I am getting ahead

Catch the Rainbow (2003).

Catch the Rainbow!

For years I have been miffed about the absence of decent-sounding Rainbow reissues. Soundwise, Rainbow’s releases weren’t that great in the first place (I have the original LPs), but, lo and behold, the relatively recent

Mike Oldfield. Platinum (Deluxe Edition, 2012)


To be quite honest, I’ve never been a fan of Mike Oldfield’s overly sophisticated and “cerebral” recordings. Without really being able to put a finger on it, I have a (very) soft spot in my