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Beyerdynamic T 90 headphones.

Why I Chose the Beyerdynamic T 90 Headphones

Buying headphones is always a highly subjective business. No matter how much reading you do around the Internet, something I always do nowadays before buying anything whatsoever, at the end you have to decide what

Bristol Music Center

It’s an online world today. Even if you are only somewhat familiar with a web browser, there’s nary a thing you can’t get online, but because you can get just about everything your heart desires,

A Video Trip Down Memory Lane.

A Video Trip Down Memory Lane

Now that the new site, which isn’t really in its final form yet, is up, I thought I’d try something a little different. I  do spend quite a bit of time – every once in

Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection (Sony/Columbia).

Sony botched the “Miles Davis: Complete Columbia Album Collection”

Although the various Amazon sites around the globe are ripe with absolutely crushing reviews of an otherwise great collectors boxed set,”Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection”, I have to add my two cents as well.

I have seen some badly-produced reissue boxed sets in my life, simply because I seem to be buying too many of them, but this one really is the icing on the cake. One could argue that for a reasonably low price, customers shouldn’t complain that much, but collectors being a larger part of the target audience for this one (despite the fact that collectors already have most of the Miles Davis they’ll ever need), Columbia/Legacy went out of its way to ruin this one.

Beethoven and stuff.

Observations 02-2009

For the first time in 2009, I had a look at the statistics for this (rather lifeless) site and, alas, I have more readers than ever before. My Google page rank even increased (go figure).

Ed Thigpen, "Gentleman of Jazz"

Ed Thigpen: Gentleman of Jazz

Introduction I pride myself on hardly ever having misjudged people. Naturally, I have been completely wrong at times (and when I am/was wrong, I am/was completely off), but as far as I recall, the number