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Gordon Parks (untitled, 1957).

Monthly Digest #1: February 2017

When I reactivated this website, I also started a “Weekly Digest” series which didn’t really take off in the sense that I simply didn’t have the time to keep it running. It wasn’t for lack

Weakly Digest #1 (header).

Weekly Digest #1

The weekly digest is an attempt to collect all those major and minor things that just seem to fly by all too fast. This week we’ve got some photos and a whole list of quick

Game of Thrones (emblems).

Winter Is Coming …

In Germany, one currently only seems to have two choices, either sub-tropical temperatures for weeks on end or grey skies and endless rain. We used to have normal days in between (ages ago), but they



This year’s trip to the Canary Islands was perhaps one of the most relaxing I have ever enjoyed. Flawless weather (including hot Sahara winds for two full days and nights) with endless hours of sunshine,

Weingut Hörner.

Weingut Hörner

Horns. It’s all about horns. Several years down the road, “Weingut Hörner” (German) still produces my favorite wines in a region that is positively brimming with excellent wines. In fact, many wine lovers would kill

Andreas Gursky exhibition (2015).

Andreas Gursky

This weekend’s fabulously warm weather allowed for a quick trip to Baden-Baden to check out a new exhibition in Frieder Burda‘s 20-million (Euro) modern art museum which had some of Andreas Gursky‘s (more recent) photo