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New member of the family.

The Dark Side, Again: Windows 10 Pro

It is a while back that I joined the dark side, but I guess the dark side is a bit more fragmented than I had initially assumed. Years after I had decided to a) ditch

Nordlux "Arki".

Nordlux Arki

I was in the market for new desk lamps and happen to be someone who likes to adhere (somewhat) to the Bauhaus school of design (or Scandinavian simplicity, if you prefer). The problem is that once

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016), T580N.

Samsung Tab A (2016)

The other day I was still excited about the Lenovo Yoga Book, which seemed just like what I had been looking for these past months. Alas, many reviews that have appeared around the Internet since

The new Lenovo Yoga Book (August 2016).

Lenovo Yoga Book

When the Lenovo Yoga Book was launched in Berlin on August 31, 2016, it immediately shot to the #1 spot on my shopping list. Lots of items have landed there without ever being purchased, but

Tolino Vision 3HD (screenshots).

Joining the Dark Side

Fact is that media are taking up too much space at my place. My living room looks like a CD shop and the rest of the apartment like the Royal Library of Alexandria. Things have to

My desktop wallpaper.

Audio Notebook

After almost two full days of bending Windows 7 to my will, I have a nearly perfect “audio notebook” running next to my cherished Marantz stereo system (PM-14S1 and SA-14S1). The other day I wrote