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2016: A Classical Year

My music collecting has slowed down considerably. Actually, at the end of 2016 I had problems reconstructing from various saved receipts what I had actually bought and a number of CDs added to my collection

How the Music Got Free

I’m currently having a blast reading this rip-roaring yarn of how MP3, at least for a while, threatened to kill an entire industry. It’s a well-informed book which, if you were there, jump-starts a whole



Hunter S. Thompson on music.

Mixing console.

Digital Reverb

“Digital reverb is not an instrument!” – n.n.  



Most people are probably not really aware of it, but “Whiplash” (2014) actually lead to some extremely heated discussions around the great big void that is the Internet. I liked the film, simply because Miles

2014 was a good year.


2014 … was a good year, albeit not for this website. Deus62.com was always meant for the longer posts (many people would attach the tl;dr tag to them), but I had neither the time nor