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De5 (LP, Mercury 1985).

De5 – Mercury 824 999-1

One of the most coveted CDs I have ever come across (and have) is one released by a Danish band, De5. I wrote about this CD elsewhere, but, in short, I stumbled across it one

Bristol Music Center

It’s an online world today. Even if you are only somewhat familiar with a web browser, there’s nary a thing you can’t get online, but because you can get just about everything your heart desires,

Gratification system.

Gratification System

I don’t know about you, but I’ve chosen a job for myself that has its own rewards, but usually they are far and long between and are certainly more of the ideal type. In my

Boltz (USA) LP shelf units.

Boltz LP Shelf Units

Usually I can’t even blink an eye before someone takes me to task for not including this or that in one of my posts and also this time, about two seconds after I put up

A record store.

The Demise of the Record Store

I’ve often said around these parts that collecting music also incorporates something of a haptic experience. Collectors that I know don’t only go for the music, although it is certainly the central aspect of their

Gothic Cabinet Craft LP Rack.

Gothic Cabinet Craft: LP Rack

Sometimes I think I should have kept most of my LPs, which I didn’t, but when that thought crosses my mind, I always remember how much space my old record collection took up. When I