IKEA's "Hilver" bamboo desk.

IKEA’s “Hilver”

IKEA is still the place I often find myself turning to when I quickly need to fix a problem and, much to my surprise, that’s also often the case after having looked around the Internet

Ikea "Knuff".

Pièce de Résistance

Somewhere on this planet (I strongly suspect east of here), there’s some smug bastard who has made it his pièce de résistance to stamp every 10th one of these. May he roast in hell, eternally.

Benno and Billy dismembered.

Benno and Billy dismembered

Years ago we had a runaway bestseller over here in Germany trashing “Nieten in Nadelstreifen“, which translates best as “Losers in Pinstripe Suits“. It was a real hoot and basically gave a detailed account of

IKEA "Benno" CD and DVD storage system

IKEA Benno gives more head

When I have a look at my site statistics (and to be quite honest, I rarely do that), I notice that my short description of using the IKEA Ivar system to store my CDs is

Small part of my IKEA IVAR shelf system setup.


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