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Sennheiser HD598 SE.

Sennheiser HD598 SE

I thought I was done with HiFi purchases for this year, but amazon.de sure screwed that up again. The other day, out of the blue, they discounted the Sennheiser HD598 Special Edition (“manly” black instead

Sennheiser HD-600

Quite a while ago, I wrote extensively about the Beyerdynamic T-90 headphones and why I chose them. In that post I also hinted at getting, one day in the future, a slightly more “forgiving” pair

Topping NX1 (headphone amp).

(+) There It is!

The Topping NX1 headphone amp doesn’t amplify as much as I had hoped (the Samsung S5 doesn’t output much and the Beyerdynamic T-90 is hungry), but for less than 30 Euro, it’s a keeper. Good

Topping NX1 (potable headphone amp).

(+) Topping NX1

Extremely affordable, I added this to my growing list of gadgets to give my 300 Ohm headphones a boost when busy trying to reproduce quietly-mastered music (in loud surroundings). “Basically, the NX1 performs very well,

Beyerdynamic T 90 headphones.

Why I Chose the Beyerdynamic T 90 Headphones

Buying headphones is always a highly subjective business. No matter how much reading you do around the Internet, something I always do nowadays before buying anything whatsoever, at the end you have to decide what