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German flag (modern).


Having grown up as a “third culture kid” of sorts, I just don’t get what is going on in Germany at the moment. Many people say it seems to be coming from an unimportant few

German flag (modern).

Strange Language

I don’t know what your German is like, but if you have some idea of how the language works, you will probably appreciate how the sense of a sentence can radically change when certain words

‘Nachtschatten’ & More

Around 1986 I started collecting what I like to call “Contemporary Horror Fiction” in earnest, despite the fact that when you start collecting, you don’t really limit yourself to an era but go beyond that,

My first "stereo", the Dual HS 130.

My Dual HS-130

I’ve never been the religious type, but on May the 23rd, 1976, I was, albeit only for a few hours. It was the day of my confirmation and during the previous months, anticipation had been