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Linea1 b CD shelf (67 CDs).

linea1 b CD shelf

It is a while back that I saw this totally cool-looking CD shelf hanging on a shop wall. That time, I forgot to ask the shop owner what it was. The other day, it suddenly

The Human CD Holder.

Human CD Holders

The other day I ended up on Popgadget, which happens to be a site covering “Personal Tech + Innovative Life Style for Women”. I have no remembrance of how I landed on the site, but



Design has always been a passion of mine. I know that lots of people don’t afford that aspect a second glance, at least not consciously, and here in Germany people often forgo the design aspect

Boltz (USA) CD storage shelves

Boltz CD Racks

One way of adding products to write about to my ever-growing list of items is to simply surf through the list of referrers (for those not in the know, those are the “footprints” on my

Vismara "Revolving Towers" (CD and DVD Storage)

Vismara’s Revolving Towers

Yes, I do have to admit to being anally retrentive when it comes around to keeping order in my stuff. After all, I am the person who has all of his books, films and CDs

Rosendahl (Denmark) "CD-25" CD holder

Rosendahl CD-25 Chrome

I think that it is a good idea to have a smaller CD-holder close to your stereo so that you don’t have to act the long-distance runner every time you want to put on a