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Bill Durst is the shit.

Bill(y) Durst

In my collection, I have these extremely odd sub-categories. One of them is “Blues and Blues Rock Music That Should Be Listened to in Small Clubs at Ear-Splitting Volume“. Plus a liter of Tequila, of

The Strypes.


The Strypes hit my radar screen a few years ago and have stayed on it, no mean feat in an ever-growing collection. I think it was NME that criticized their second and most recent album,

Oli Brown (live).

Oli Brown

It’s Oli Brown day here today. With three studio, one live album and a bunch of British blues awards under his belt, he’s begun to leave a more permanent mark. With Raveneye he’s turned to

Fleetwood Mac: "The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions 1967-1969" (Columbia 1999).

Fleetwood Mac: The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

As you know by now, I tend to review things here that I like. Some of you might even argue that I go overboard at times, recommending music I’ve grown to love with a truckload

Siegel Schwall: Complete Vanguard and More

The Siegel-Schwall Band

After having worked my rear end off these past weeks and after having gotten up too darn early today, on this year’s 23rd of December, to get some last minute rush jobs done, I have

Chris Rea: Blue Guitars (cover).

Chris Rea: “Blue Guitars”

I have to admit that I have never held a project in my hands like this one. I do have boxed sets collecting an artist’s entire output that can’t match this one, I have label