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Summer Music (2017).

Summer (Android) Music (2017)

It is depressing to see that with a collection that spans most of my apartment, my music selection for extended holidays is usually rather limited. I’m not the type to carry my entire library around

Smartphone Woes

Now that I have been back with the program for a while, here are the 6 things that tick me off the most: Samsung and Google Apps. Mostly hipster crap- and/or bloatware. Hipster Bullshit. The

The maps.me website (screenshot).


The best map app by far is maps.me. For someone like me who doesn’t run a WLAN, being able to download the maps through my browser and transferring them to my Samsung S5 via USB



Well, this is a first. Just for the hell of it, a first mobile post from downtown Karlsruhe where I am enjoying a series of cocktails before “hell weeks” (12 tests plus endless evenings of

Expense Manager (app) by Markus Hintersteiner.

(+) Expense Manager

Markus Hintersteiner’s wonderful “Expense Manager” app has quickly become the most-used one on my new smartphone. It isn’t perfect, but it’s slick and covers more than enough to reign in my spending habits. Well, sort