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My two favorite comic panels, from "B.C."

BC Comic Strips

These two come from Johnny Hart’s BC comic strips, a collection of which I was given by someone in 1978. Taken together, these two B. C. comic strips pretty much sum up my world view.

My first "stereo", the Dual HS 130.

My Dual HS-130

I’ve never been the religious type, but on May the 23rd, 1976, I was, albeit only for a few hours. It was the day of my confirmation and during the previous months, anticipation had been

Scandinavian and Danish Design (at Illums, Copenhagen, Denmark).

Danish & Scandinavian Design

When I moved to Denmark in 1977, I came from a Germany deeply entrenched in brown, beige, corduroy and other weird pish. The brown and beige haven’t changed much, but the rest has improved somewhat

Treaty of Warsaw, 1970.

The Treaty of Warsaw

Because it is my dad’s birthday today (Happy birthday!), I thought I’d publish this old photo showing him at work: “The Treaty of Warsaw (German: Warschauer Vertrag) was a treaty between West Germany (Federal Republic

Ryvangs Allé, Copenhagen, Denmark.

My First Cigarette

Strangely enough, I remember the first cigarette I ever smoked. S.H. was the culprit who got me started and I have been fighting with that addiction ever since then. It was summer, during our extensive