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Although Lowkon sounds more like a Chinese or Asian company, they are in fact object designers hailing from southern Germany. Their design concept is one of simplicity and minimalism, as embodied in the often-heard slogan “form follows function” (and pushed to the forefront of design with the advent of the “Bauhaus” school of design in the early 20th century). Before entering the market with Sigmarail, Lowkon was primarily known for its successful commercial, industrial and fashion photography. Sigmarail is their first and, as far as I know, only product.

The Sigmarail CD rack is one of absolute minimalist style. As the name says, it is a simple “rail” that is available in two basic sizes to hold either 5 (71,5 cm wide, 13,6 cm tall and 2,9 cm deep) or 7 (100 cm wide, 13,6 cm tall and 2,9 cm deep) CDs and can be expanded by purchasing further rails. The rails are made from resistant anodised aluminium with a mat surface and are real eye-catchers.

What really makes this system easy to use is the patented tilting mechanism. You just need to push against the top of the CD and the bottom tilts outward. One hand is all that is needed. Their website (English | German), which unfortunately uses frames so direct links aren’t possible, provides an animation that shows the mechanism and its ease of use.

The rack needs to be installed, but easy, detailed and illustrated installation instructions are provided so that even the uninitiated shouldn’t have problems getting a Sigmarail up on the wall in a matter of minutes.

Single Sigmarails are relatively cheap, 42 Euro for the 5-CD (SR 5) and 54 Euro for the 7-CD (SR 7) versions, and Lowkon offers several packages for those who want to build a larger rail system. You can buy directly from them via their webshop and download assembly instructions:

SIGMARAIL SR5 – set of 3 – 126,00 Eur (SR5-S-3)
SIGMARAIL SR7 – set of 3 – 162,00 Eur (SR7-S-3)
SIGMARAIL SR5 – set of 4 – 168,00 Eur (SR5-S-4)
SIGMARAIL SR7 – set of 4 – 216,00 EUR (SR7-S-4)
SIGMARAIL SR5 – set of 5 – 210,00 EUR (SR5-S-5)
SIGMARAIL SR7 – set of 5 – 270,00 EUR (SR7-S-5)
SIGMARAIL SR5 – set of 6 – 252,00 EUR (SR5-S-6)
SIGMARAIL SR7 – set of 6 – 324,00 EUR (SR7-S-6)
SIGMARAIL SR5 – set of 7 – 294,00 EUR (SR5-S-7)
SIGMARAIL SR7 – set of 7 – 378,00 EUR (SR7-S-7)

I’ve seen a positively huge Sigmarail setup at a colleague’s house (2 sets of seven SR-7s) and it simply looked stunning. It’s a good idea to carefully select CDs to be displayed because if you go for a more massive setup like he did, the CD covers should harmonize. He grouped colors together – one rail of predominantly red CDs, one rail with blue … you get the picture) – and with that setup, he created a real art piece above his stylish stereo.

Definitely cool.

Sigmarail Website: English | German

Note: (April 13, 2008) The prices have been updated to reflect the current pricing scheme.

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